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Item #: SCP-3499

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3499 is to be kept in a standard item secure locker at Site-48. It is to remain sheathed and should not be handled without approval from the Site Director.

SCP-3499-1 is to be contained within an urn specifically made for holding ashes at Site-89. This urn should be sealed and kept in a standard item secure locker. Monthly inspections of the urn should be conducted to ensure that it is intact. Replacement urns should be readily available in another locker on the same floor.

SCP-3499 and SCP-3499-1 should not be brought within two kilometers of one another without prior approval from a Site Director.

Description: SCP-3499 is a 14th century dha-shay with a single cutting edge and a leather sheath. The hilt of SCP-3499 is encrusted with topaz and quartz. Neither the sheath nor the sword experience physical degradation.

When a human meeting currently unknown criteria is within immediate proximity to SCP-3499, the sheath will emit visible light. The sword can only be removed from its sheath by those who prompt this response. When activated, SCP-3499 spontaneously alters the body of its wielder to varying and seemingly random degrees. These changes range from simple modifications to significant and complex transformations.

These changes are reversed when the sword is returned to its sheath or the affected person is no longer within SCP-3499's zone of influence (~1048 meters), regardless of how severe the changes are. After the first alteration, affected individuals will have their body altered in the same exact manner whenever they are within SCP-3499's zone of influence and it is active, even if they do not draw and wield the sword themselves. If the wielder expires, neither activation nor deactivation of SCP-3499 will revive them. The only exception to this is SCP-3499-1.

SCP-3499-1 is 3.2 kilograms of cremated ashes. It does not possess any anomalous properties in this form. However, if these ashes are brought within SCP-3499's zone of influence while it is active, they will coalesce into a large avian reptile. It is estimated to be 80 meters in length and 120 meters in wingspan. Its mouth holds a plethora of backward-facing fangs. SCP-3499-1 can release streams of flame in this form that consistently register over 1000 °C and can persist for several minutes.

SCP-3499-1 has demonstrated being capable of tearing and burning through most materials, and is considered significantly difficult to contain in this form. It has been recorded speaking in American English, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Both SCP-3499 and SCP-3499-1 were recovered from a shrine in Sóc Trăng, Vietnam. The Foundation intercepted reports of a mythical flying creature causing wildfires near the shrine along with other reports of people being inexplicably thrown around by invisible hands within the shrine. Field Personnel approached a male identified as Ông ████, who was carrying an active SCP-3499. He was terminated after attempting to strike at Field Personnel with SCP-3499. Field Personnel were unable to contain SCP-3499-1 until SCP-3499 was sheathed, unintentionally deactivating its anomalous effects. All primary witnesses were administered Class A Amnestics and the damage to the area was explained away as an act of arson where the arsonist was arrested and is currently in custody.

Addendum: Dr. Syeburn, a researcher with a Ph.D. in Anatomy, was tasked with investigating SCP-3499's anomalous properties and determine the link between SCP-3499 and SCP-3499-1. Test subjects were all individuals who were able to activate SCP-3499. Dr. Syeburn himself was able to activate SCP-3499 but did not express any anomalous properties after the initial activation. He was observed throughout his investigation.

Trial #001
Subject: D-938
Procedure: Determine how much influence a subject has over what changes SCP-3499 makes to their body. Subject is instructed to desire to be more intelligent.
Results: Subject reports a headache after activating SCP-3499, and then experiences a bloody nose. Subject claws at his face with enough force to draw blood before collapsing. A physician enters the room and reports that the subject has expired.
Notes: "Maybe his brain became too big for his skull. I want an autopsy done immediately." - Dr. Syeburn

Trial #005
Subject: D-382
Procedure: Determine how much control a subject has over how SCP-3499 changes them. Subject is instructed to concentrate on having a thousand dollars in his hands.
Results: Subject states that his hands ache. Two seconds later, an assortment of coins spontaneously push out of the subject's hands. Subject falls against a wall as his hands are completely removed from his wrists by the coins. Site Personnel enter the room to assist him. Bloody coins pour out of subject's arms continuously until SCP-3499 is deactivated. All the coins vanish. Subject expires.
Notes: "It must perceive the wielder's desires literally. We can work with that." - Dr. Syeburn

Trial #023
Subject: D-194
Procedure: Assess whether or not SCP-3499's effects can extend beyond the wielder. Subject is instructed to wish for the air in the room to smell sweet.
Results: Subject reports that they do not smell anything. After three minutes of inactivity, the subject places her hands on her ears. Subject requests that Site Personnel stop shouting at her. No shouting from Site Personnel is recorded. Subject repeats her request while slamming her head against the floor. Site Personnel intervene and restrain her. Subject struggles for eight seconds before she stops responding. A physician determines that the subject has expired.
Notes: "Potential cognitohazard. SCP-3499 can only affect the wielder." - Dr. Syeburn

Trial #055
Subject: D-108
Procedure: Investigate how greatly SCP-3499 can change the wielder's body. Subject is instructed to wish that they could be a child again.
Results: Subject transforms into a child that vaguely resembles his adult form. Upon being asked to deactivate SCP-3499, the subject states that he does not know where he is or why he is here. Site Personnel enter the room and deactivate SCP-3499, returning the subject to his previous state. He claims to not recall anything that occurred while SCP-3499 had been active.
Notes: "This is evidence of reality-bending. Now we just have to understand it." - Dr. Syeburn

Trial #056
Subject: D-108
Procedure: Determine whether or not the effects of SCP-3499 can be undone. Subject is instructed to activate and deactivate SCP-3499 repeatedly.
Results: Subject performs 28 activations in a row before reporting that he heard people shouting at him. No shouting is recorded. Subject claims that the shouting is persisting even after he deactivates SCP-3499. Site Personnel intervene when the subject begins to convulse on the floor. Expiration occurs after fifteen seconds.
Notes: "I'm not sure where to go from here." - Dr. Syeburn

Trial #108
Subject: D-538
Procedure: Discover what exactly SCP-3499 uses within a subject's mind as the basis for its anomalous effects. Subject is instructed to activate SCP-3499 and think of nothing in particular.
Results: Subject reports no change. No anomalous activity is observed for two minutes. Subject grips at her abdomen suddenly before collapsing. She does not respond to Site Personnel who come to her aid and expires. An impromptu autopsy is ordered by Dr. Syeburn while SCP-3499 remains active. It is revealed that the subject's entire uterus is missing.
Notes: N/A

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