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Item #: SCP-3509

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3509-1 is to be housed in a small terrarium atop a digital scale accurate to within .01g in an airtight room in Site ██. A series of professional grade aerosol pesticide canisters will be set up to fill the room in the event of a containment breach. The scale is to be connected to a system which logs any changes in weight and alerts Foundation personnel automatically. Any change in the mass of SCP-3509-1 is to be treated as a containment breach.

SCP-3509-1 is to be provided a small mouse for sustenance once a week. This must be delivered via automated mechanisms. Under no circumstances is SCP-3509-1 to be given more than one small mouse for sustenance per week.

Site ██ is to be inspected for pest infestations twice a week and any and all spiders found within the site are to be exterminated. Any sizable spider infestation will be assumed to be and treated as a containment breach.

Should SCP-3509-1 breach containment it is to be immobilized by any means necessary and returned to containment.

Description: There are two classes of SCP-3509.

SCP-3509-1 appears to be a single, abnormally large specimen of hogna carolinensis measuring 23cm in length. SCP-3509-1 has demonstrated the ability to recover from any injury inflicted upon it, even injuries which should be instantaneously fatal.

SCP-3509-2 are physically indistinguishable from mundane hogna specimens. Individual examples range across the entire hogna genus. SCP-3509-2 attacks prey in swarms, with larger swarms generally preferring larger prey. If sufficient numbers are present, SCP-3509-2 will attack humans. Victims of such attacks very quickly die of blood loss. After feeding the swarm will experience a rapid increase in size proportional to the size of its prey.

SCP-3509 is unable to draw sustenance from the insects that normal hogna feed upon. It instead requires mammalian blood. High concentrations of adrenaline within said blood seem to greatly increase its ability to produce SCP-3509-2 instances.

SCP-3509 is believed to be a hive mind made up of creatures resembling the hogna genus, commonly known as the wolf spider. Communication with SCP-3509 has been extremely limited. Whether this is due to inability to communicate or unwillingness on the part of SCP-3509 is unknown.

Any member of the SCP-3509 hive is able to spontaneously generate infant instances of SCP-3509-2 which appear at a distance from the parent instance. The maximum range of this effect is unknown, but it is known to be at least 500m.

SCP-3509 was recovered on ██/██/20██ from the town of ███████, KS, after reports of swarms of wolf spiders attacking and killing humans. When agents arrived it was estimated that several million spiders were present, and many seemingly exsanguinated corpses were visible on the street. See Recovery Log ████ for more details.

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