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Item #: SCP-3548

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3548 is to be stored in a 5mX5mX5m Steel Containment Chamber.
SCP-3548 is not to be taken out of containment, If such an event happens MTF Epsilon-17 “Mathematicians” are to be dispatched to track down and recontain SCP-3548. No calculators are to be used until recontainment is confirmed. Testing is to continue until what causes the anomalous effect is
Found. SCP-3548 is currently stored at Armed Research Area-██

Description: SCP-3548 is a Casio MS-80B Standard Function Desktop Calculator with
No battery in the battery compartment. Despite this it functions normally and is able to do basic equations, However upon pressing the key marked with an equivalency symbol the user is shocked with 200,000 volts, killing the user by electrocution. Attempting to place a battery in the compartment shocks the user with the same amount of voltage. This anomalous effect was found by testing.

Addendum: Although SCP-3548 is a Safe Class Object no personnel at any time are to enter SCP-3548’s Containment Chamber without proper reason.
The only proper reason is for testing and testing may only be approved by Senior Researcher Dr. █████

Interview Log 3548-█
Interviewed: Senior Researcher Dr: █████

Interviewer:Senior Intelligence Agent █████

Foreword:This interview is conducted to pinpoint what might be the reason behind SCP-3548’s Anomalous effect.

<Begin Log, 2:43 pm>

Interviewer: “Do you know why you’re being interviewed?”

Senior Researcher Dr: █████: “*Sigh* Is this because of SCP-3548?”

Interviewer: ”Yes This is to pinpoint the reason behind SCP-3548’s Anomalous effects. What did you notice when the Equivalency key was pressed?”

Senior Researcher Dr: █████: “There was a loud hum and then D-6743 was fatally shocked. We later found out that the voltage was 200,000 volts. Extremely abnormal.”
Interviewer: “Was this the same for all tests?”
Senior Researcher Dr: █████: “Yes. Even when D-0393 was wearing a 313 Insulator suit.”
<End Log, 2:58 pm>
Closing Statement: This interview was postponed for a later date. As of right now it hasn’t resumed.

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