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Largest sample collected from SCP-3591.

Item #: SCP-3591

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3591 is currently housed at Site-27, the nearest containment facility to Location of Interest LOI27-A where it was recovered. SCP-3591 should be kept at special containment unit SCU|3591 and requests to relocate it are to be sent to Site-27 administration for review.

Project SHARD, currently overseen by Senior Researcher Hanh Cezar, has been established as of ██/██/2022 in order to coordinate all research efforts on SCP-3591. Contact with SCP-3591 and/or access to SCU|3591 is restricted to personnel with appropriate clearance, which must be equipped with adequate PPE. See requisition form, attached.

Under no circumstance should Scranton Reality Anchors and/or Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sinks be deployed in vicinity of SCP-3591. Anomalies requiring the use of such devices may not be contained at Site-27.

Description: SCP-3591 is a heterogeneous congregation of crystals held together in a roughly cylindrical shape by unknown means. SCP-3591 is composed by several individual crystals of varying composition, purity and size, with silicon, gallium and manganese accounting for most of the object's mass in the form of rhodochrosite and quartz formations.

Approximate measurements indicate the object to be 9.5 m in height and to possess a base radius of 3.7 m. Overall object mass is 3.2 t.

Alpha and beta radiation is abundantly present in the vicinity of SCP-3591 at all times - however, none of the elements retrieved from the object so far has proven to be inherently radioactive nor shown signs of decay.

Extracted samples of SCP-3591 display no anomalous properties, although it has been ascertained that a directly proportional relationship exists between the object's mass and the amount of radiation emitted by it. This relationship is theorized to extend to SCP-3591's other anomalous properties as well.

Furthermore, SCP-3591 reacts violently to several major counter-measures employed during certain Foundation protocols concerning the containment of reality bending anomalies. This property was inadvertently discovered when SCP-3591 came into contact with a SRA in transit to Site-29, resulting in substantial loss of Foundation assets and leading to revision of its containment procedures and establishment of Project SHARD.

All surviving personnel effected by the incident, classified as I-3591-A, may request amnestic treatment following psychological evaluation.

LOI27-A: SCP-3591 was recovered at LOI27-A. Located at the Tanami Desert, LOI27-A is an abandoned facility believed to belong originally to the correspondent Foundation equivalent within Alternative Reality ARX29-γ. The facility was found in a grave state of disrepair and its displacement towards our reality is inferred to be accidental, with the exception of LOI27-B.

All access to LOI27-A is currently restricted to Foundation personnel assigned to Project SHARD, that should be accompanied by an appropriate security detail, according to the Project's Overseer's discretion. It has been speculated that other anomalies besides SCP-3591 may have been bought to our reality along with LOI27-A, but such claims have yet to be confirmed - caution is advised when exploring the facility, regardless.

LOI27-B: Originally encountered in ██/██/2004 by Junior Researcher Margaret Baker during the fourth scheduled exploration of LOI27-A, LOI27-B is SCP-3591's site of recovery - the only occupied and operational containment unit found within the facility as of yet. Documentation present at LOI27-B has led to crucial discoveries concerning the nature of SCP-3591, including the confirmation that, unlike the rest of the facility, its displacement was intentional - see attached documentation, appropriate clearance required.

All access to LOI27-B is restricted to personnel assigned direct clearance from Project SHARD Overseer. Elements from the security detail accompanying research teams during explorations of LOI27-A should be dispatched to the containment unit's entrance upon arrival to prevent unauthorized access.

Addendum: Following the retrieval of key documentation regarding SCP-3591 and its further incorporation into the recently founded Project Atlas, revision of this document has been requested and is currently pending.

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