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Item #: SCP-3593

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3593 is to be contained in a level three container on site 56 due to its location. At least one guard is to be stationed outside of SCP-3593 at all times. SCP-3593 is not to be placed in-front of the sea unless for testing purposes. Testing is to be authorised by a level 4 member of staff or higher. Subjects are not to share any information about the sea-life found within SCP-3593-1 with anyone under any circumstances.

Subjects effected by SCP-3593-1 are to be studied and contained in a containment cell and are to be provided with a tub of salt water. One week and three days later, subjects are to be provided with salt-water as a replacement for drinking water.

Description: SCP-3593 is a statue of a hand (with a height of 560mm) made from polymetallic nodules. SCP-3593 has multiple life forms of coral growing from random areas of its surface. As of now, the species of coral is unknown. SCP-3593 is stuck to a base made from the same material as SCP-3593.

SCP-3593 has almost no anomalous properties. However, whenever placed in-front of the sea or a large tub of salt water, SCP-3593’s only anomalous property begins to manifest. SCP-3593 will create a tunnel in the salt water. The tunnel will consists a space of air in the salt water leading 10 feat down to SCP-3593-1. The tunnel will stay open for 120 minutes to 240 minutes. No matter the original depth of the salt water that the tunnel manifested in, the tunnel always lead 10 feet down to SCP-3593-1 which is not affected by the geological location.

SCP-3593-1 is a large, underwater coral reef. The location of SCP-3593-1 is unknown due to the fact that no staff members, divers, satellites or civilians have ever seen SCP-3593-1 without entering the tunnel.

SCP-3593-1 houses many discovered and undiscovered sea-life. When in SCP-3593-1, biological subjects will be able to do anything they could on land, despite being in the water. This however does not affect sea-life.

Upon exiting SCP-3593-1, Subjects who entered SCP-3593-1 will undergo all stages of SCP-3593-1’s effects. If subjects show visual evidence of the sea-life found within SCP-3593-1 to other personnel, personnel will undergo the first 3 stages of SCP-3593-1’s effects (23% of these personnel have undergone all stages) If subjects create a drawing or text passage or talks about the sea-life found within SCP-3593-1 to other personnel, personnel will undergo the first 2 stages of SCP-3593-1’s effects

STAGE 1: (One week after exposure to SCP-3593-1) subject will report feeling more thirsty than usual.

STAGE 2: (One week and three days after exposure to SCP-3593-1) subject’s body will reject mineral water or any other sort of liquid by vomiting up the liquid. Subjects body will edit its anatomy to accept salt water. Subjects will be able to drink salt water without vomiting the liquid.

STAGE 3: (One month after exposure to SCP-3593-1) subjects body will slowly begin growing tumorous-like coral (the same coral as found on SCP-3593) externally on the body.

STAGE 4: (Two months after exposure to SCP-3593-1) subject’s skin will dry up to life-threatening levels unless subject is submerged in salt water. Around the same time, a coral will begin to grow in subjects nose and subject will grow gills. Subjects usually report trouble breathing from their mouth as-well.

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