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An instance of SCP-3604 outside of its box

Item: SCP-3604

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-3604 are to be kept within a 6x6x6 standard containment locker in Site-73. Personnel handling SCP-3604 are to wear rubber gloves during handling, which are to be disposed of afterwards to prevent accidental memory loss. Personnel suffering from memory loss after handling SCP-3604 are to be escorted to the nearest medical bay for a mental evaluation.

Description: SCP-3604 is an unmarked bar of white soap contained within a bright pink box. The label on the front of the box reads, "Soap for the Skull; Mind Erasing Soap!" The back of the box reads, "Do you ever have something you just want to forget? If you come up with ideas better in the shower, then you would probably forget them better in the bath! Just add this soap to your bathroom and voila! Instant ignorance!" The back of the box includes a warning in bold, red lettering that reads, "WARNING: Do not use Soap for the Skull; Mind Erasing Soap for more than 20 minutes at at time. Wait at least 1 hour between applications." The box also claims that the product was produced by a company called Mind Melders Inc., but no company of that name is known to exist. The Foundation currently has 172 instances of SCP-3604 in containment, with more constantly being procured from various bath shops across the United States. The box claims that the soap is made from "Pure Memory", though analysis of SCP-3604's chemical composition shows that it is made from normal fats and lipids.

When any human's head makes contact with SCP-3604, they immediately experience a sudden loss of memory. The amount of memory lost is directly correlated with how long SCP-3604 is applied to the head of the subject. If SCP-3604 is applied for less than 20 minutes, memories lost by the subject will have occured within the last 2 to 12 minutes of the subject applying SCP-3604. This will eventually make the subject forget the reason why they are holding SCP-3604, and will stop applying SCP-3604. If SCP-3604 is applied for more than 20 minutes, long term memory loss is often experienced by the subject as well as recurring short term memory loss. This memory loss often continues to affect the subject long after they cease applying SCP-3604. If SCP-3604 is applied multiple times within the same hours, subjects begin to experience a shrinkage of the temporal lobe. This also often leads to migraines, strokes, and severe brain hemorrhaging.

Addendum As of 1/17/██, shipments of SCP-3604 have become increasingly harder to track. Agents who have been sent to track shipments in the field have returned in states of confusion, often not remembering the events of the past day. Footage from cameras on the from one of the recovery missions showed that upon opening the shipment, a large amount of a pink gaseous substance was emitted from the inside of the crate. This substance quickly subdued all agents on the recovery mission. Approximately 8 minutes after the last agent on scene had been affected, the footage of all cameras on scene began warping and twisting, making the actual footage completely obscured. When other agents of MTF Alpha-4 ("Pony Express") showed up on scene, they found all agents passed out on the floor of the freight and the shipment no longer there. Agents who were affected showed signs of short term memory loss, and 3 agents showed signs of temporary anterograde amnesia.

Addendum 2 The last known shipment of SCP-3604 was located on 2/9/ ██ after being discovered in a shipping freight in Moscow, Idaho. Footage recorded of the event shows that upon the removal of the shipment container lid, the container began to spew a large amount of bubbling liquid that seemed to display the properties of SCP-3604. All 10 members of the recovery team experienced mild to severe memory loss after the event. Thorough examination of the liquid was unable to be conducted as the liquid had already dissolved. A laminated note was recovered stapled to the inside of the shipping container that read, "We hope you've enjoyed your free sample of Soap for the Skull; Aqueous Amnestics, complementary of Mind Melders Inc!"

Note - Requests have been filed to attempt at using SCP-3604 as a short term amnestic, as controlled exposure to it has shown to be useful in erasing certain information, especially those of 9/14/██ - Head Researcher Kamarc

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