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The entrance to SCP-3608 upon discovery.

Item #: SCP-3608

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Site-3608 has been constructed around the entrance to SCP-3608 due to the failure of all attempts to neutralize or relocate it. The entrance to SCP-3608 must remain under 24/7 video surveillance in Secure Wing Alpha. Personnel are not to come within 15 meters of SCP-3608 without approval from Site Director Haugen.

Description: The portal leading to SCP-3608 appears as a single blue wooden door and frame, lacking attachment to any foundation or structure. It is located in the █████ region of ███████████, approximately 11.3km away from the nearest established human settlement. The blue paint is faded and cracked in several places, but the door itself is structurally sound. Paint chips were analyzed and appear chemically consistent with Valspar brand paint. No anomalous properties have been detected in the door itself.

The threshold presents no anomalous visual effects. However, upon passing over the threshold, any sapient beings disappear.1

SCP-3608 is a sapient, predatory dimension located behind the door. Foundation researchers have determined that SCP-3608 is able to siphon energy from the negative emotions of any sapient beings that enter it. It is able to obtain specific information about the being's history2 as well as general details related to an environment which feels familiar to it3. The method by which SCP-3608 obtains this information is currently unknown. SCP-3608 does not appear to have any interest in inanimate objects that are not attached to or held by sapient creatures. Inanimate objects that are thrown over the threshold pass over it and appear on the other side with no noticeable changes. Attempts to pilot drones into SCP-3608 for unmanned expeditions have been unsuccessful. Drones and other unmanned remote equipment cease to function inside SCP-3608.

Discovery: SCP-3608 was discovered by the Foundation after a rash of missing persons reports near █████, ███████████. Local authorities discovered SCP-3608, and a Foundation agent within the police force brought the item to The Foundation's attention after an officer by the name of L. █████████ entered SCP-3608 and vanished from sight. He returned hours later in a state of severe emotional distress. Officer L. █████████ was escorted to Site-██ for questioning and full psychological evaluation [See Log 3608-P]. Class-A amnestics were administered and the officer was returned to his home.

As of ██/██/2014, four manned expeditions into SCP-3608 have been attempted. Transcripts of expeditions can be seen below.

Addendum 1: Testing has been ceased pending review from O5 Supervisors. No personnel are to interact with or approach SCP-3608 without express approval from Site Director Haugen.

Addendum 2: After Event 3608-V, 3608-2A1 is considered contaminated, as it appears to retain a portion of the entity's ability to manipulate emotions. 3608-2A1 is to be locked in a standard Anomalous Object Containment Safe in Site-3608, the code to which will be known only by Site Director Haugen and O5 Personnel.

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