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Item #: SCP-3628

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3628 is to be locked at a minimum of 300 meters underground in a minimum of 15 meters of alternating titanium alloy and SCP-3628-4 insulation, each at 3 meters in density. Thaumiel Class SCP-3628-4 is to be replaced at 3 week intervals following the replacement of titanium alloy layers. If done any later, SCP-3628 may be inclined to [[REDACTED]] the Class-D personnel making the replacements. [Any further interaction is extremely prohibited.]

Description: SCP-3628 [Nicknamed "Nightmare" by Class-D personnel] is a semi-translucent entity that appears as a gaseous form with a skull as it's "face". The skull resembles that of a cross between a horseshoe crab and a human, making 4 eye sockets all at slim ovular shapes. It appears to have 4 K-9's on each row of teeth. The skull has a final distinct feature of what appear to be horned rims following the forehead of the skull to where the base of the spine would have connected. The skull seems to be the only part of SCP-3628 that seems constantly solid. SCP-3628's entire body can shift between solid and gas at will, as well as any part down to the molecular level.

SCP-3628 is extremely dangerous, often kidnapping and [[CLASSIFIED]] the Class-D personnel. It seems to have above human intelligence but lacks the body functions to preform. It seems to act tame or timid around anyone above Class-D but will [[REDACTED]] anyone lower if given even a fraction of a second. SCP-3628 appears to dislike all kinds of life alike, but has no voice to speak of it and nothing to kill under normal containment circumstances.

Anyone that comes into contact with SCP-3628 and is [[REDACTED]], they are to be classified as SCP-3628-1 and terminated immediately. Anything that is not terminated immediately has a chance to mutate into SCP-3628-2, a mutant version of SCP-3628-1. This mutated version is extremely potent and can create SCP-3628-1 without the help of SCP-3628, but appears to consume extreme effort. If SCP-3628-2 consumes enough human grey matter, it could then [plausibly] become SCP-3628-3, a super mutant version capable of creating SCP-3628-1 with relative ease. Only one recorded case on SCP record shows anything regarding an SCP-3628-3 transformation. It is to be accessed only by the top level of security on SCP grounds. If said information were leaked, anyone aware of SCP-3628-3 would be terminated and the cause of breach along with said individual[s].

SCP-3628-1 appears to be a perfectly intact human but in a pseudo-coma. Anyone pulled out of the transformation has recalled it as "An intense nightmare full of the death of everyone they have ever known, as well as [[CLASSIFIED]]. Most survivors of SCP-3628-1 later commit suicide after not being able to live with the constant images of death. SCP-3628-1 transformation appear to affect memories aswell, as patient pulled back to sanity later than others remember close family members dying painful deaths first, then followed by their friends. It is unknown what SCP-3628-2 does to the human psyche, as no one has ever survived the transformation, currently making it thought to be irreversible. SCP-3628-2 resembles a human with various wounds, normally fatal, such as a heart ripped out or eyes impaled through the subjects skull pupil to spinal column, and the subject will become enveloped in a black fog resembling SCP-3628. SCP-3628-3 appears as if [REDACTED AND HEAVILY CLASSIFIED]. Thaumiel Class SCP-3628-4 is composed of primarily SCP-3628-2 fog and human [[EXPUNGED]] to create an insulation that is extremely dense. SCP-3628-4 is extremely heavy and must be moved via machines.

SCP-3628 has had multiple peaceful encounters with high ranking scientists and was fully cooperative, while given the same conditions with anyone lower than Class-B personnel it would attempt to induce the "Nightmare" and force them to be removed. As per usual, any Class-D was [[CLASSIFIED]] and transformed into SCP-3628-1. It is unknown the reason why SCP-3628 so strongly dislikes the Class-D personnel, but it hates a singular Class-A member more bitterly than any Class-D. Even the mention of Class-A will peak its interest and after the specific person's name is spoken, SCP-3628 will go into a berserk attack despretely attempting to escape. It has never been attempted to place [[CLASSIFIED]] into SCP-3628's cell for fear of utter destruction, specifically after interaction was prohibited.

SCP-3628 had a brief interaction with SCP-049 and had to be separated soon after. SCP-049 started to critique SCP-3628's extras [Mutated humans] and not being able to respond, SCP-3628 attacked SCP-049 in a small skirmish. SCP-049 was quickly taken to a different holding cell and insists being with SCP-3628 was "utterly disgraceful". When SCP-049 is mentioned around SCP-3628, it begins to show aggressive behavior and irrationally attacking scientists.

Additionally, any time a photograph of SCP-3628 or any variations [SCP-3628-1, SCP-3628-2, or SCP-3628-3] are attemted, it will always come out as a blank photo of the background of the image. The only images that have been picked up on via photo have been remains of SCP-3628-1 or SCP-3628-2 after becoming officially deceased. However, a drawing or sketch of SCP-3628 or variants is very possible.

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