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SCP-3685 (5/6/1944).

Special Containment Procedures: A 30 kilometer area around SCP-3685 has been acquired and cordoned off. Disinformation has been proliferated claiming that SCP-3685 is an extremely hazardous chemical weapons development site.

Disinformation is to be implanted into historical institutions about the factual personnel and outcomes of the Uranprojekt. Any historical evidence for Uranprojekt constructs beyond reactor piles are to be suppressed.

Personnel or autonomous units entering and then exiting the area around SCP-3685 are to be examined for radioactive particles. If radioactive particles can not be entirely removed from equipment and personnel, they are to be quarantined, and if necessary destroyed.

Any unauthorized persons are to be escorted off of the grounds by on-site security. If any unauthorized persons are located within or near the primary complex of SCP-3685, they are to be thoroughly screened, amnesticized, and then released back into the general population.

Description: SCP-3685 is the collective designation for the Uranmaschine-Züchter 11 reactor complex in the German province of Saxony. The complex was built by the covert Nazi German nuclear weapons program (Uranprojekt) under the administration of the Reichsforschungsrat2 in the Spring of 1944, with direct authorization for its construction given from Hermann Göring.

The outside facilities surrounding SCP-3685 are non-anomalous, however nonetheless hazardous due to radioactive particles that have coated the area. Foundation clean-up crews have made only certain sections of the complex safe for temporary human usage. Efforts are being increased to contain the radioactive fallout from the complex, with the construction of a large concrete superstructure being planned.

The interior of SCP-3685 itself is a highly radioactive, spatially entangled, discontinuous non-euclidean space. This space is constantly changing in effective structure and is extremely hazardous due to the risk of becoming entangled into spatial or temporal loops. Dematerializations from space continuity failures are another hazard present. The outer sections of the building contain miscellaneous control rooms and maintenance areas. The inner section of the building contains the UMZ-1 reactor and housing. All attempts to reach close proximity of the reactor have failed, and only the outer sections have been explored.

Reality Anchors have little to no effect on SCP-3685. Kant Counters frequently fail to output Hume level measurements within SCP-3685, seemingly caused by the Kant Counter failing to detect local reality. If a measurement does successfully output, it is frequently inconsistent with previously recorded measurements. Averages of recorded Hume levels show a Hume level close to baseline reality (1Hm)3. The baseline reality average and/or the lack of reality to manipulate could potentially explain why Reality Anchors fail to have an effect on SCP-3685.

UMZ-1 itself is likely anomalous in construction. Recovered Uranprojekt documentation states that UMZ-1 is 'capable of n-local folds allowing for synthesis of currently unfeasible to manufacture elements and materials using only minuscule amounts of uranium for catalyst.' It is unknown if UMZ-1 was capable of this process, and it is currently unfeasible to confirm it due to the condition of the complex and it's difficulty to explore. However, the existence of the building's spatial anomaly implies that the Uranprojekt engineers likely had the capability of altering local space.

Historical documents state that in early 1945, UMZ-1 suffered a catastrophic meltdown. These documents describe that this formed an "interlocked local space continuity fracture", which is the Uranprojekt's explanation for SCP-3685's anomalous nature. Following the meltdown, German authorities rapidly formed a 30 kilometer exclusion zone around the complex, which is maintained to the present by Foundation security.

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