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SCP-3719 upon recovery (hover to enlarge).

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3719 is kept in a standard object containment stall in the Anomalous Objects Wing of Site-82.

Foundation web crawler SE851G ("AZURE CHAWLA") is to track social media posts, news reports, telephone calls, and SMS messages disseminated in the state of Maryland for references to SCP-3719-COBALT events. References made to unnatural flowering plant growth patterns, the formation of collective human masses, and irregularities in the operation of yard equipment are to be flagged and isolated for further monitoring.

SCP-3719-A-1 through -61 (collectively designated SCP-3719-B) are contained in suspended animation in a standardized 10,000 L Class-6 Lovell-Huron containment vat.1 Persons associated with the discovery of SCP-3719 — including nearby genetic relatives of SCP-3719-A instances — are to remain unaware of the containment of these instances. Persons associated with this anomaly have been administered Class-A Amnestics. These persons are to undergo a false memory implantation procedure to subdue all memory of SCP-3719-B and the impact they made on the Middlesex suburb during their life.

Description: SCP-3719 is a GO/ON-brand lawnmower with a cutting width of 55 cm. SCP-3719 performs in a manner identical to non-anomalous rotary mowers, except for a few notable differences:

  • Despite being manufactured for gas-powered mowing operation, SCP-3719 relies on the energy exerted by its user (designated SCP-3719-A) to operate its engine.
  • To prevent fatigue and over-exertion in SCP-3719-A, SCP-3719 reclaims and consumes grass passing through its cutting deck with high efficiency to produce additional energy. Energy produced does not mitigate the force required to push SCP-3719, but rather, is directly transferred into SCP-3719-A through the lawnmower handle by esoteric means.
  • Excess grass is stored in a chamber within SCP-3719 for future consumption.

Upon use, SCP-3719-A continues to operate until every square meter within the desired lawn is mowed, experiencing a sense of personal responsibility from its completion. SCP-3719-A is not hindered by this mind-affecting property, and instead, considers the use of SCP-3719 to be a pleasurable and cathartic experience. This effect is shared by any person with a similar headspace to SCP-3719-A2 within the general vicinity of its effects.3

Addenda Materials

I. Discovery

SCP-3719 was discovered in the Middlesex suburb of Baltimore, Maryland on August 17, 2014. Upon discovery, numerous residents serving as SCP-3719-A simultaneously were using SCP-3719. 61 total residents were integrated into a collective mass,4 piloting SCP-3719 along the road with apparent ease despite its size. 6 km of roads in the area had anomalously manifested grass5 while ~2 km of roads had already been mowed by the time Foundation personnel were alerted.

The formation of masses similar to SCP-3719-B, as well as the widespread manifestation of grass on public roads, has been designated an SCP-3719-COBALT event.

II. Interview Log

The following is a transcript of an interview with Grace Farley, the mother of Kevin Farley. Kevin Farley was determined to be an individual within SCP-3719-B at the time of discovery.


INTERVIEWER: Agent Francis Digby

INTERVIEWED: Grace Farley (designated POI-3719-7)

NOTE: Shortly after Foundation personnel arrived, a 3-km-in-diameter no-go zone around the neighbourhood was observed, after which it was cordoned off.

The interview began after Foundation personnel searched for persons directly affected by the SCP-3719-COBALT event. Grace Farley (POI-3719-7) was the seventh person selected for interview purposes. Agent Francis Digby approached Mrs. Farley under the guise of a concerned neighbour associated with the neighbourhood watch.


Agent Francis Digby: Hello Mrs. Farley. I'm Francis Digby, from just down the road. Do you mind if I ask you a few things about the, ah, incident?

Mrs. Grace Farley: Of course Francis, anything you need, my dear. And please, call me Grace.

Agent Digby: So, Grace, how did you first hear about the lawnmower?

Mrs. Farley: Old Billy kept that mower locked up in his garage since before my boys were born. That Billy's always been on the go, but after his accident, it's been hard for him to maintain things. Robbie lifted the mower from him in the spring, had it refurbished, and made sure it worked fine. Let me tell you, Francis, there was just somethin' about that mower that made it special. In all my days, I've never seen Robbie so interested in anything, 'cept for that mower.

Agent Digby: In what way was he interested, Grace?

Mrs. Farley: The sparkle in his eyes when he worked on that thing, you wouldn't believe. It had to be special. Wouldn't make sense otherwise.

Agent Digby: So Bill owned the mower and he gave it to Robert. Is there any indication that anyone else used the mower during that time?

Mrs. Farley: Robbie went about, almost door-to-door, askin' to see if anyone wanted their lawns cut, free of charge. That kid was happy to do it, and it seemed like once he started, he just couldn't stop himself. On the first day, he cut nine different lawns! Can you believe that, Francis?

[Agent Digby nods.]

Mrs. Farley: Mhm. The next week it was as if everybody was asking Rob to cut their lawns, all the way down to Waterview, and boy did he do it. Robbie's one of those meek types, even letting the little ones try the mower so they could learn too. I would never allow my youngest to go near the thing, but those kids pushed it like it was a toy.

Agent Digby: Your eldest son is Kevin, correct.

Mrs. Farley: Yes, my dear.

Agent Digby: Grace, why did Kevin start using the mower?

Mrs. Farley: I had to let my boy try it. Just had to. Heaven knows I wouldn't even know how to use the thing myself, but my Kevin, he's a smart cookie, he is. Could figure out just about anything he put his mind to. So when he joined the others I just knew they were going to enjoy themselves just fine. It's better off to have 'em so close together Francis, isn't it?

Agent Digby: I'm not exactly sure what you mean, Grace.

Mrs. Farley: Kevin's a– [Her voice falters.] A smart kid with a good heart. That's the boy I raised. Yeah, I always wanted to keep him away from the bad crowd. Couldn't bear to lose my baby. So I tried hard, see. To teach 'em right. To get him along with the other smart boys I know are out there too. Now, Francis, to see him wanna join the other kids, that made me proud. [Pause.] All those kids, together, closer than a hug. That's what gives this community its spirit. We can all learn to become as warm as those kids were, and that mower's the source of it all.

Agent Digby: How did Kevin and the other kids come together?

Mrs. Farley: There were probably seven of them, or so. The closest boys and girls in the neighbourhood. We're all good parents. We all know how to raise a good kid. Raise a kid well and eventually, they'll raise themselves.

Agent Digby: Grace, do you believe that lawnmower is going to help them learn how to raise themselves properly?

Mrs. Farley: I don't just think so, Francis; I've seen it with my own eyes. Those kids could achieve incredible things if they just worked together. All seven of 'em, in the same body, that's what we raised 'em for.

Agent Digby: You're saying these kids were in the same body? But– That's just not possible, Grace.

Mrs. Farley: [She pauses.] Makes sense to me, Francis. Wouldn't you like to see all our sons and daughters together, bonding deeper than they ever could naturally? Having them so close together, boy, it just gives me the fuzziest feelin'. Middlesex ain't what it was when I grew up. I never learned the same closeness my sons know.

[Mrs. Farley retrieves a tissue from her purse.]

Mrs. Farley: Being able to help the Other in such a capacity, with the smartest sons and daughters this neighbourhood's ever seen. That's human. That's heart. I just crave to bask in the skin of the Other. To be as warm as them. Wouldn't you like to be as warm as those kids, Francis? Wouldn't you like to share my skin too?

Agent Digby: Grace–

Mrs. Farley: [She interrupts him.] Why can't you share one body, one soul, and by God if it's possible, one flesh? We're all human, Francis. We're one. We were born together and together we shall remain. It's meant to be that way, 'cause what other way could there be? Keep 'em together and we won't be having any more tragedies, like the ones you see in the headlines every week. That mower's the best thing to happen to this neighbourhood, period. You wouldn't understand unless you stitched your heart where all others can see and basked in the skin of your fellow man.


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