SCP-3780 Extended Incident Log
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This log contains all currently declassified incident logs regarding SCP-3780 and the Department of Temporal Anomalies' Operation Thunderbolt. Temporal Anomalies personnel are to use the following format when filing declassified logs:

Date: 22/11/1963


Preventative Measures:

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: At some point between 6:00 AM and 12:00 PM, Oswald is surreptitiously swapped with an Anderson Robotics Saker unit. The deception is not discovered until 12:30 PM, when the Saker fails to shoot Kennedy and attempts to flee. Upon incapacitation, the unit is discovered.

Preventative Measures: Temporal Anomalies personnel move Lee Harvey Oswald forward in time from 5:59 AM to 12:01 PM. The Saker unit pretending to be Oswald at 12:01 PM is incapacitated and transferred to Oswald's bedroom at 5:59 AM. Oswald is then subjected to a pre-prepared hypnotherapy regimen and prepped for assassination, which then proceeds as scheduled.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: An instance of SCP-1746 forms over Dallas, forcing the presidential motorcade to be cancelled as a result of the storm. The resulting storm pattern devastates the city.

Preventative Measures: In the original variant of the timeline in which this incident took place, the waffle cone had not yet been invented, and the requisite frozen dairy confectionary to prevent SCP-1746 from forming did not exist. Thus, the Department of Temporal Anomalies sent agents to the 1904 Worlds Fair in Chicago to introduce and popularize the dessert, which would ensure the existence of the waffle cone in time for its use to prevent SCP-1746 prior to the presidential motorcade.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: At 11:47 AM, one hundred instances of the individual known as Allison Chao storm the Texas Book Depository, overrunning all posted guards as well as subsequent reinforcements. Temporal measurements of the depository suggest that each instance is a version of Allison Chao separated temporally by a single second relative to the original Chao's base time period. Each instance is uniquely prepared to handle part of the Department's countermeasures; together, they are able to continually overcome the Department's protective measures and kill Oswald.

Preventative Measures: The Department of Temporal Anomalies contacts each instance of Chao and provides her with different partial information regarding [REDACTED] in exchange for betraying her associates. As a result, the offensive fails at 11:48 AM as the Chaos turn on each other. At 12:03, the surviving Chaos temporally evacuate the area; Oswald is dosed with a mild amnestic to ensure that he forgets the events of the raid and successfully assassinates Kennedy on time.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: At 9:31 AM, an unknown assailant poses as a Secret Service agent and covertly bites President Kennedy. Simultaneously at 9:31 AM, the same assailant laces Oswald's bullets with lunar regolith. When the bullet impacts Kennedy's head, the President transforms into a werewolf, regenerates the bullet wound, and begins harassing pedestrians.

Preventative Measures: Prior to the planting of regolith, agents of the Department of Temporal Anomalies substitute Oswald's ammunition for bullets composed of a silver alloy. The assassination proceeds as expected, and evidence of Kennedy's lycanthropy is suppressed post-mortem. Due to differences in density, the silver bullet experienced a flight path and penetration profile slightly altered from what would be expected for a typical bullet fired from that angle. This detail is sufficiently minor that its likelihood of being noted by civilian observers is extremely low.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: At 12:25 PM, an entity identical to nightclub owner and Oswald assassin Jack Ruby somehow breaches Temporal Department defenses of the Texas Book Depository. Entity identified itself as "Lee Harold Oswalt" to guards who allowed it to pass uninhibited, without concern for the situation. Entity discovered Oswald, and the two began to kiss and then have sex, distracting Oswald from his position killing Kennedy. Personnel either took no notice of this, or seemingly did not consider the situation unusual until a cephalopod tentacle emerged from the Ruby-entity's torso and stabbed Oswalt in the heart. At that moment, personnel realized what was happening and decided to intervene, the Ruby-entity reportedly exclaimed "That's all, folks!" and vanished.

Preventative Measures: Oswalt's injuries were found to be minor, with no evidence of chest wounds or heart wounds found, despite contrary appearances. After brief medical treatment the assassination proceded as planned. At the time of his death, Jack Ruby was found to have no anomalous qualities.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: At 5:30 AM, both Jacqueline Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson appear to quickly gain large amounts of weight and then just as quickly lose them. At 6:08 that evening, Patricia Johnson McMillan1 is found wandering the side of a highway near Ciudad Techo, Bogota, Colombia, with a typed note in her coat pocket reading "Fat's where it's at! Look's (*sic*) like the first ladies lost the Battle of the Bulge." At 8:30 PM, the corpse of a 17 year old teenager, identical to Lee Harvey Oswald at that age, was found dead on another highway outside Dallas, smeared in pig lard. Oswalt himself was not affected.

Preventative Measures: Due to the anomaly's noninterference with the actual assasination, the Temporal Department only records the events as related to the central anomaly. It is theorized that this was an unusual and unsuccessful attempt to halt the assassination by an unknown party. All related persons issued Class-B amnestics. Following the assassination, Ciudad Techo, Bogota was renamed to Ciudad Kennedy. The significance of this is unknown.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: The assassination proceeds as usual until Oswald opens fire. He fires several rounds, missing each time (one shot wounds a bystander). President Kennedy's motorcade accelerates and escapes to safety. After the incident, Oswald is detained and found to be heavily inebriated. An unknown temporal agent had made contact with him earlier in the morning and purchased a large number of drinks for him.

Preventative Measures: Tachyonic interference around the bar in which the unknown agent plied Oswald with the drinks makes prevention of his alcohol consumption untenable. Oswald is placed within a Class-II non-causal temporal loop until he is sober. He is then dosed with amnestics and returned to the Texas Book Depository in time to complete the assassination.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: A suitcase which contained a miniaturized thermonuclear device with a yield of 1.2 megatons of TNT (technology anachronistic for 1963) was discovered in the Texas Book Depository. It was accompanied by a note which read, 'Dear Foundation: Fuck it.' Device detonated shortly before assassination could be completed, killing Oswald, the President, all present personnel, and an unknown number of civilians.

Preventative Measures: Experts in thermonuclear ordinance sent back to defuse weapon before detonation. Assassination proceeds as usual.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: A prepubescent spectator throws a rock onto Dealey Plaza shortly before the motorcade passes. As Oswald begins firing, the President's limousine swerves slightly to avoid the rock. Kennedy is then only hit once, a non-fatal shot to his left shoulder, before the motorade escapes to safety.

Preventative Measures: A Temporal Anomalies Agent grabbed the rock from the spectator's hand. Interrogation revealed no anomalous compulsions and no further motivations beyond juvenile mischief.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: On the morning of November 22, Oswald spontaneously developed the inability to physically touch any object he would perceive or attempt to use as a weapon. When instructed to damage a table with the plate he was currently holding, Oswald was immediately unable to hold the plate any longer.

Preventative Measures: A temporal duplicate of Oswald was extracted from 3:21:06 AM the same day, who displayed no anomalous abilities. Oswald-2 was able to successfully carry out the assassination. Oswald-2 proceeded along the correct chain of events, and was returned upon the shooting of J.D. Tippet and replaced by Oswald-1. Temporal agents posed as police and federal agents until the death of Oswald-1 by Jack Ruby.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: On the morning of November 22, the planned route for the presidential motorcade route was found to be blocked by a massive pile of apple seeds.

Preventative Measures: After the route was cleared of obstructions, Dr. King was found to have been temporally displaced from 4/12/20. Interviews with Dr. King revealed no insight as to how he arrived up in 1963, and was returned to his original temporal coordinates without further incident.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: Several hours before the planned departure of the motorcade, all vehicles capable of participation are dismantled, then reassembled incorrectly so as to immediately cause irreparable damage upon an attempt to start the engine.

Preventative Measures: All damaged vehicles are replaced before any White House personnel perform pre-event checks. Assassination otherwise unaffected.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: On ██/██/████, SCP-946-1 and SCP-946-2 began to argue about the probability of Oswald's shot, saying that:

"Oswald was a pretty bad shot back when he served in the Marine Corps, his rifle was not very accurate, and it was a very, very great distance. Either Oswald hit a 1 in 1,000,000 shot, or someone's lying."

Oswald was seen to demanifest 5 minutes before the assassination could take place.

Preventative Measures: Temporal Anomalies personnel were successful in intercepting SCP-946 before the argument could take place. The assassination proceeds as normal.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: Throughout the morning, radio stations across the United States unwittingly play an anomalous version of "It's All Right" by The Impressions. The recording deviates between 1:48 and 2:04, where the expected vocals are replaced by an unknown voice resembling American rapper Tupac Shakur2 singing the following lyrics:

Lee Harvey O's looking out the window
Dropped the blue and white, he kept the red, though
Half past high noon, he's gonna take aim
Point his bolt-action rifle at some Presidential game

When the Dallas Texas motorcade comes rollin' on by,
He'll squeeze the final trigger, and Kennedy's gonna die.
Check Delaney Plaza, in the schools' depository
Wanna rewrite the book? Start with the sixth story.

While local program directors are quick to pull the song before subsequent airings, the increased attention on the Texas School Book Depository leads to Oswald being detained by Dallas police shortly after he arrives on the sixth floor. Kennedy's motorcade passes through Delaney Plaza without incident.

Preventative Measures: All copies of "It's All Right" present in U.S. radio studios are surreptitiously confiscated by Temporal Anomalies agents and replaced with identical media containing ABC-Paramount Records' unaltered master recording. A thorough check of all American radio broadcasts confirm that the altered recording is suppressed. The assassination proceeds as normal. SCP-2137-2 has yet to make reference to this incident.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: At the moment Oswald begins to fire on the motorcade, Kennedy is instantaneously replaced by his son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr., as he was on July 16, 1999, moments before his fatal plane crash near Martha's Vineyard, MA. On July 21, 1999, the Foundation reaches out to its contacts in the UIU, who confirm that the body pulled from the pilot's seat of the wreckage belonged to President Kennedy, dressed as he was at the moment he vanished in 1963. There is no other reported change to the timeline of events that originally led to Kennedy, Jr.'s death.3

Preventative Measures: Both Kennedys are taken into custody by Temporal Anomalies agents before their respective deaths. John F. Kennedy, Jr. is brought to November 22, 1963, and after a painstaking regiment of amnestics and brainwashing, he eventually manages to mimic his father's words and actions from the morning of his assassination. The unconscious President Kennedy is brought to July 16, 1999, and strapped into his son's pilot's seat at 8:40 P.M., just after Kennedy, Jr.'s final known transmission. Passengers Carolyn and Lauren Bessette are tranquilized and left in their seats. Agents then operate the plane remotely and guide it to its prescribed crash site. After some trial and error, the Kennedys eventually switch places at the right moment to die in the time, place and manner dictated by baseline reality.

Date: 22/11/1963

Attempt: Immediately prior to Oswald's first shot, a large gust of wind carries an umbrella directly into his line of sight. This momentary distraction allows the umbrella to be carried to the sixth floor window, where it is revealed to be an instance of SCP-803-1, which attacks and kills Oswald. Analysis of post-shooting footage reveals the wind was generated by an unidentified woman utilizing thaumaturgic abilities.

Preventative Measures: Two agents are dispatched to location of unidentified woman before the shooting in order to intercept her. Agent Palmer is able to confiscate SCP-803-1 instance and incapacitate it after a brief struggle, but the PoI escapes by activating a Way.

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