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Item #: SCP-3886

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3886-2 is to be detained in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-102’s Low-Threat Humanoid Wing. To encourage amenability, SCP-3886-01 is to be granted requested items within reason and pending approval of Site administration. Under no circumstances outside of testing is SCP-3886-01 to be allowed access to SCP-3886 (which itself is to be kept in a locked storage box in Site-102’s Safe Object Wing). Testing may occur with oversight from at least one (1) level 3 personnel.

By order of acting director of Site-102, all testing involving human cadavers with SCP-3886 is to be indefinitely suspended. See ‘Incident Log-3886-1’ for details.

Should current containment procedures fail or SCP-3886-01 become uncooperative with Foundation interests, termination of SCP-3886-01 is authorized given the assent of Site-102's acting Director.

Description: SCP-3886 is a leather English dressage saddle of late 18th century design. SCP-3886 is uniformly black in color, with no ornamentation save for silver clasps at the terminating ends of its girth and billets. Despite its current state of tarnish and moderate disrepair, SCP-3886 is seemingly impervious to all forms of damage or alteration.

Since acquisition by the Foundation in ██/██/201█, SCP-3886 has been observed to have two states: ‘active’ and ‘passive’. In its passive state SCP-3886 releases a pungent odor of rancid meat and causes deceased tissue within 5 meters to rot and food to spoil at an exaggerated rate. Though the object may be used for its intended function, it should be noted that horses (Equus caballus) react with panic upon becoming aware of SCP-3886's presence.

An active state is only achieved upon SCP-3886 making physical contact with a relative of early French-American immigrant ‘H████ Y██████’. Once this occurs, said relative (from here on labeled ‘SCP-3886-01’1) is both incapable of moving more than 1 kilometer from SCP-3886 and may engage SCP-3886's active effect, as follows:

If a recently deceased corpse2 is attached to SCP-3886 in its active state, it will animate and attempt to seek out SCP-3886-01. Upon reaching SCP-3886-01, this corpse (now termed SCP-3886-02) will attempt to interact with the subject in a variety of ‘playful’ and ‘theatrical’ manners but will nevertheless obey all commands of SCP-3886-01, verbal and otherwise, to the best of its ability. Certain elements of this link (including SCP-3886-01 claiming to be able to ‘see’ the containment chamber in which the current instance of SCP-3886-02 was stored) are not entirely understood.

In its active state SCP-3886 has been described as emitting the fetor of ‘an unwashed horse.’

Addendum-3886-01: Acquisition: SCP-3886 was intercepted by embedded Foundation agents
on ██/██/200█ after being donated to the Wisconsin, ‘Circus World Museum’ by an unknown beneficiary. Included was a 1912 picture of SCP-3886 (Image-3886-01) and the personal journal of one H████ Y██████ (believed to have owned SCP-3886 before its anomalous attributes became apparent). SCP-3886 was labeled ‘Safe’ until ██/17/201█ when an ‘active’ state was established.

Document-3886-01 Exerpt
July, 1793, The Personal Journal of H████ Y██████ (translated from the original French)

"We stopped at Elkton today. It has only been a week since we headed out from Baltimore, but you could tell we were all needing a break from the road. There wasn't much fanfare, we set up camp just outside of town and some of the mummers put on a little show for the local children that came up our way. I avoided them myself. I’ve never been good with the kids.

Speaking of which, I got word that Jezebel's taken the flu. The letter said she will make it, she is strong, but still I worry for the girl. And, in all truth, I am not sure how Mary or I would react if we lost another of the little ones.

Really, the only happy company I have on this highway are the horses. The others don't like me, though I suppose I can't blame them, I don't particularly like myself. But the horses don't care. And when I am riding, well, forgive my vulgarity, but it is as though I am making love. Two beings become one. I swear, sometimes it's almost as if you can feel the muscles beneath the saddle. The pound of hooves against the dirt. The audience’s thunderous applause. That is the way these things are meant to be.

I wish Mr. Ricketts3 saw things my way. Every time I come down to the stable tent one of the horses has a new bruise or cut that needs tending to. The man is a fine boss -and an even finer rider- so I would be a fool to question him on his methods. Yet still… I can't say I like the way the horses look at me those days.

Maybe I am simply jealous of the man. I do not deny that I would give anything to have a beast respond to me like they do to him. He makes riding into an art, a dance even, that I can never fully duplicate.

Ah, one last thing before I say my prayers. There was a man who approached me a few days ago, the way the others spoke of him, I hear he's some kind of old rival of Mr. Ricketts, back from the motherland. He had a strange face, all lopsided, upside down, some type of accident he said. Stranger still, he asked me to work for him. He said he was making inroads in america, wanted a ‘new act.’ Well I declined, naturally, I'm not risking my livelihood on fantasies. He didn't even respond, just turned and walked away, real purposeful like. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

That's all for now. Till tomorrow then.

-H████ Y██████"

((According to a local newspaper, H████ Y██████ disappeared three days after the writing of this entry, along with his characteristic saddle (believed to be SCP-3886). The man's body was never found and no search of notable measure was undertaken.))


"I am so sorry Mary, Jezebel. God please forgive me for i have sinned.

It's been years, or days, I know not the difference. It used to just be horses but now the audience wants more. I can't keep doing this… I cant, I just cant.

I lied. I took the man’s offer, the devil’s offer. I thought I could make you two happy. He promised me more money than I had ever seen. He said I would never see another one of my animals harmed. At first I thought they needed me; that without me they would all just rot; no one else cared about them. But now… now I can't get away. They wont let me get away.

Well, no, that is not true, there is one way to get away, and I am afraid I drift closer to it every passing second. I am so scared Marry.

I have only one hope left and it is that this mock-Lucifer and his beasts cannot reach my soul in Hell.

-H████ Y██████"


Please know that, with the help of our patented methods, no animals have been hurt in the production of the [REDACTED]™ show since [REDACTED] BC! We hope you will come again soon and remember to look out for our tent at H- [ILLEGIBLE]- 's Circus of the Dis- [ILLEGIBLE]- g!

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