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SCP-3908 Being SCP-3908

Item #: SCP-3908

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3908 is kept in SCP-3908's containment unit. Personnel are to refrain from speaking or writing about SCP-3908 to SCP-3908 to avoid SCP-3908 being SCP-3908.

Description: SCP-3908 is an anti-memetic entity. SCP-3908 is capable of speech. Images of the entity will be replaced with a plain black image and white text stating "SCP-3908 is SCP-3908". Any spoken or written information regarding SCP-3908, either directly stated or implied, will be censored.


Interviewer: Dr. Witts

Interviewed: SCP-3908

<Begin Log>

Witts: Hello, SCP-3908.

SCP-3908: Hey.

Witts: Can you tell me your name, SCP-3908?

SCP-3908: Yeah, my name is SCP-3908. Wait-

Witts: That is your Foundation given designation. I would like to know your birth name.

SCP-3908: I know, my name is SCP-3908. Wha- No! My name is SCP-3908! No!

Witts: SCP-3908, do you know the origin of your anomalous properties?

SCP-3908: Yeah… One day, I was SCP-3908, and I wa- Jesus… One day, I was SCP-39- I'm not!

[SCP-3908 is SCP-3908. Dr. Witts appears worried.]

Witts: Remain passive, SCP-3908.

SCP-3908: Alright… I'm sorry.

Witts: Please explain your anomalous properties.

SCP-3908: My properties… I can do that… My properties are that I am SCP-3908. What? No! Stop! I am SCP-3908! No!

[SCP-3908 is SCP-3908. The table is on the other side of the room now.]

Witts: SCP-3908, remain passive.

SCP-3908: Ok… Ok… I'm SCP-39-

Witts: SCP-3908, calm do-

SCP-3908: I'm SCP-3908! No, I'm SCP-3908! Jesus Christ stop this! I hate this!

[SCP-3908 is SCP-3908. Dr. Witts is injured.]

Witts: Terminate the interview!

[Security personnel enter the containment chamber. SCP-3908 is SCP-3908.]

SCP-3908: Wait! I'm SCP-390-

[SCP-3908 is SCP-3908. Security personnel recover Dr. Witts.]

<End Log>


Interviewer: Dr. Witts

Interviewed: SCP-3908

Foreword: SCP-3908 is SCP-3908. This is to prevent SCP-3908 from being SCP-3908.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3908: Doc, is this really necessary?

Witts: During our last interview, you were SCP-390-

SCP-3908: Yeah, it's annoying, isn't it.

Witts: Let's stay on track. Where were you born?

SCP-3908: Um… I was SCP-3908 in-

[SCP-3908 is SCP-3908. Dr. Witts puts a hand out to SCP-3908.]

Witts: For the purposes of SCP-3908 not being SCP-3908- Er… I'm going to have to ask you refrain from referring to yourself.

SCP-3908: Alright, alright, that I think I can do.

Witts: Now, where and when were you born?

SCP-3908: Redmond Washington, 1978.

Witts: When was the earliest you remember being called SCP-3908?

SCP-3908: When SCP-3908 was- When… 7 years old.

Witts: How did others react?

SCP-3908: Nickname… Skip.

Witts: Was that the nickname they gave to you?

SCP-3908: Yes.

Witts: Did you have friends?

SCP-3908: No.

Witts: Are you aware of why that was?

SCP-3908: I was SCP-3908.

Witts: SCP-3908, please refrain from referring to yourself.

SCP-3908: Oh, sorry. Um… Anger problems.

Witts: I see. Thank you for this interview, SCP-3908.

SCP-3908: Thank you.

<End Log>


Interviewer: Dr. Witts

Interviewed: SCP-3908

Foreword: SCP-3908 is SCP-3908. This is to prevent SCP-3908 from being SCP-3908.

<Begin Log>

Witts: Now, SCP-3908, please refrain from referring to yourself in this interview.

SCP-3908: Ok.

Witts: What is your legal first and last name?

SCP-3908: Um… Craig Wattson.

Witts: What is your age?

SCP-3908: 40.

Witts: When is your birthday?

SCP-3908: June 26th.

Witts: Wait… Shit.

SCP-3908: What?

Witts: Sorry, I forgot.

SCP-3908: It's fine. Sorry about the scar.

Witts: From when?

SCP-3908: First interview.

Witts: Oh, its no problem. Thank you for this interview SCP-3908.

SCP-3908: Sorry…

Witts: Sorry for what?

SCP-3908: Everything.

[SCP-3908 is SCP-3908. Dr. Witts walks to SCP-3908.]

Witts: SCP-3908, it's fine. It was just a mistake.

SCP-3908: Thanks.

<End Log>

Addendum-3908-1: The following is a proposed revision of SCP-3908's file in order to prevent SCP-3908 from being SCP-3908. Written by Dr. Witts.

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