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Item #: SCP-3918

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Following initial discovery on ██/07/2015, a secured perimeter around SCP-3918 is to be maintained by Field Unit Kappa-█ and designated Mobile Site-██ in order to carry out containment procedures for SCP-3918. Due to the inherent immovable nature of the anomaly, securing protocols are to be centered around the guarding of SCP-3918. Mobile Site-██ is to be maintained under the guise of a municipally mandated renovation operation, and all civilian inquiries pertaining to SCP-3918 and/or to Mobile Site-██ are to be deterred verbally. No less than 4 (four) armed guards under the guise of construction workers are to be present, and no more than 3 (three) active research staff are to be stationed at Mobile Site-██ at any time in order to maintain secrecy. Furthermore, staff are authorized to utilize non-lethal force in retaliation to forced entries or trespasses made by civilian individual(s).

A standard reinforced steel hatch door is to be installed at the entrance of SCP-3918 in order to prevent accidental entry, and is to be sealed at all times outside periods of approved testing.
(Not to be followed. See Incident Report-3918-A)
The entrance into SCP-3918 is to be visually obscured with a polyethylene tent of common make. Although not immediately dangerous outside active hours, entry into SCP-3918 is not encouraged unless required by on-site research staff at any time.

SCP-3918 is located within a stone grotto devoid of any visual plant or fungal life in an abandoned farmstead in the rural area of ████████, Wisconsin, U.S.A. speculated to be of natural origin. Its only access point being a short tunnel measuring █m in length opening due south outward, the interior of the grotto measures approximately 10m x 7m x 5m in dimension.


An instance of non-anomalous graffiti found within the grotto.

SCP-3918 is a graffiti drawing portraying a face with only two eyes and a mouth, spanning a large area of the cave wall opposite the entrance. An abundance of non-anomalous instances of typical urban graffiti can also be observed on the wall. Likewise, these drawings consists of graffiti in the form of intimidating depictions of humanoid figures and faces, therefore making the ostensive identification of SCP-3918 difficult.

When observed in its inert state, no detectable difference between the paint material of SCP-3918 and the other drawings can be discerned. If viewed between the hours of midnight (2400 hours) and 3:00 AM (0300 hours) local time, however, the anomalous properties of SCP-3918 will become anomalously animate, making analysis near impossible, as SCP-3918 will perceive any living being as a threat at close quarters.

The eyes of SCP-3918 are poorly drawn graffiti portrayals of human eyes, and are noted to be capable of commanding a view of the entire grotto. Upon animation, their line of vision is delineated by the rotation of their irises. Furthermore, occasional blinking, tearing up, and the crying of blood are observed to also occur.
The mouth of SCP-3918 is a portrayal of a human mouth lined with jagged teeth located near the base of the vertical wall. Although SCP-3918 is incapable of speech, random human vocalizations in sync with SCP-3918's animation are observed to instigate from within the stone behind via unknown means. The mouth of SCP-3918 is capable of contractions in size, characterized by the opening and closing of the mouth and the production of a pronged tongue which stretches about the superficial surface, capable of elongating to a recorded maximum of 7 (seven) meters and movement up to ██ m/s.

Although SCP-3918 is usually apathetic of its surroundings when unprovoked and is completely unresponsive to noise, SCP-3918 will be provoked either when gestures generally deemed insulting, rude, or derogatory are made within the grotto, or when any portion of the interior of the grotto is damaged (see Experiment Log 3918-A). When provoked, SCP-3918 is capable of turning organic material (hereafter designated SCP-3918-1) into drawing(s) with stylism consistent with street art in the same superficial sense as SCP-3918 via means of attempting to "drag” SCP-3918-1 into the stone surface with its tongue. If SCP-3918-1 is inherently motile, the resulting drawing will also be animated similarly to SCP-3918. Once converted into superficial graffiti, there is currently no identified way in which a subject can revert into its former physical state or leave the confines of the grotto via the access tunnel.

Despite what the design of the mouth of SCP-3918 may implicate, SCP-3918 will cease to manipulate SCP-3918-1 and leave it to expire when fully made into the form of graffiti. Fully converted instances of SCP-3918-1 will seem to retain their original intelligence, but will become incapable of producing sound. After becoming superficial, no method of termination from outside sources can affect SCP-3918-1. However, SCP-3918-1 will still be subject to its former biological limitations (i.e. animal subjects will expire of thirst, food items will rot). After expiry, the subject will become inert, and will eventually fade entirely from the stone surface within 3-4 (three to four) hours.

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