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A picture of SCP-3933 taken after initial containment.

Item #: SCP-3933

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3933 is to be kept on a small display stand on a raised pedestal. The pedestal itself to be contained in a 2x2 meter plexiglass chamber. The chamber itself is to be bolted down onto the pedestal. The glass chamber is opened via keycard. SCP-3933 is to be polished and cleaned bi-monthly. Testing of the object is at the discretion of Dr. Ebert.

SCP-3933-2 is to be kept in a six by six-meter room with regular amenities. They are allowed to be given requested items at the discretion of Level 4 authorities alone. As of ██/██/201█, SCP-3933-2 has requested:

  • One (1) copy of Die Bibel (Lutherübersetzung) (granted).
  • One (1) 2x5 foot German flag to be hung in SCP-3933-2's quarters (granted).

Description: SCP-3933 is a German Pickelhaube helmet with an inner diameter of 67 centimeters from ear to ear and 20 centimeters
from front to back. SCP-3933 was recovered in ██████, Germany (see Recovery Log). The previous owner of SCP-3933, █████ █████ (deceased), was issued the helmet in 1911. It is unknown when the helmet became anomalous in nature, however, it is believed it occurred some time after World War I based on the object's primary effect.


A picture of SCP-3933's previous owner, █████ █████, wearing SCP-3933.

When wearing SCP-3933, the wearer will gradually experience a loss of awareness of their surroundings. After approximately 1-2 hours the wearer will visualize themselves inside of a trench line. After several minutes the wearer will completely assume the personality of █████ █████.

At this point, no amount of physical force save removing the helmet from the wearer's head can break the wearer from this trance. The wearer will undergo a vivid and corporeal simulation of trench warfare. All dangers in the hallucination pose a significant and very real threat to the wearer. Physical trauma imposed on the wearer will be translated into damage within the trance (see Experiment Log #12). Furthermore, dangers within the trance pose a danger to surrounding areas to the wearer (see Experiment Log #14).


Recovery Log: On ██/██/████, the great-grandchild of SCP-3933's previous owner, █████ █████, relinquished SCP-3933 to Foundation personnel located in ██████, Germany. SCP-3933 was then promptly transferred over to Site-25.

Experiment Log #14: Authorization was received for further testing of SCP-3933. Two (2) D-Class personnel, D-79012 and D-79056, were placed in SCP-3933's chamber wearing attached microphones. D-79056 was to wear an earplug to receive instructions from researchers and D-79012 was to wear SCP-3933 for a total of eight (8) hours.

8:00: D-79012 and D-79056 are placed into SCP-3933's chamber. D-79012 puts on SCP-3933.
9:22: D-79012 loses awareness of her surroundings and stumbles around the chamber.
10:30: D-79012 reports via microphone that a series of claustrophobic trenches have materialized around her and that she is unable to see or communicate with D-79056.
10:45: D-79012 assumes the personality of █████ █████. D-79056 keeps watch on D-79012 from the corner of the room as per researcher's instructions.
11:23: █████ █████ is called to his regiment's commander and placed at the front of the trench line to keep watch.
13:41: █████ █████ shouts towards the trench lines about an incoming artillery bombardment. After several seconds █████ █████ is struck with artillery. D-79012's body immediately explodes along with SCP-3933's chamber, D-79056, and two researchers viewing from an outside window. Shortly afterward, security personnel are dispatched into the chamber to put out the fires and secure SCP-3933. SCP-3933 remained seemingly unharmed from the fire and explosion.

Note: Due to potential physical and mental danger that SCP-3933 poses to personnel, all further testing is, for the foreseeable future, denied. Use of SCP-3933 without explicit permission from me is strictly prohibited. The incidents that have occurred during testing (see Experiment Logs #13 and #14) show that SCP-3933 is inherently unpredictable and further testing could result in further loss of manpower and damage to facilities.

As of 6/2/2011 testing of SCP-3933 is now permitted with permission.



Franklin A. Ebert,
Head of the Historical Artifacts & Objects Department

Experiment Log #15: Authorization from Dr. Ebert was received for further testing on 6/7/2011. Two (2) D-Class personnel were to go into SCP-3933's chamber. The first D-Class, D-15321, was to wear SCP-3933 for a total of twenty-four (24) hours. D-13265 was to monitor D-15321 and remove SCP-3933 off of D-15321's head if the need arose. Microphones are earbuds were provided to the D-Class to monitor them.

6:30: D-15321 and D-13265 enter SCP-3933's chamber. D-15321 puts on SCP-3933.
9:00: D-15321 starts screaming and enters a state of distress at being unexpectedly pushed into a drastic environment change.
9:34: D-15321 calms himself down before assuming the personality of █████ █████.
11:12: █████ █████ reports to his commander and talks briefly about the war.
11:28: █████ █████ eats before preparing to dig further trench lines. D-13265 reports that D-15321 is moving his arms and body in a shoveling motion and is sweating profusely.
14:22: After several hours of digging █████ █████ retains a watch over the trenches for the rest of the day with little distractions.
19:29: █████ █████ reports to his quarters and quickly falls asleep. D-13265 reports that D-15321 has fallen fast asleep.
6:33: On the following day, █████ █████ wakes up. D-13265 reports that D-15321 has woken up and has started screaming at her in German. Security personnel are called in and D-13265 is escorted back to her quarters. SCP-3933 is removed from D-15321's head but no change is made. It is determined that SCP-3933 has completely overwritten the personality and memories of D-15321 with that of █████ █████'s. D-15321/█████ █████ is designated as SCP-3933-2 and placed into containment in a three by three-meter cell. It is determined that prolonged exposure to SCP-3933 results in total personality and memory replacement.

Addendum 6/14/2011:

Addendum: 2/13/12:

Following the interview, research was done into ██████ ███████. An abandoned home was traced back with the name, and the plot of land was purchased. Inside the home, various scriptures and anomalous items were found. The following journal entry was found in a journal hidden under the floorboards of the residence.

All items of significance were taken from the residence of ██████ ███████ and put under Foundation custody. All items taken are available to be studied by Level 3 personnel or above. Records were followed and the grave of ██████ ███████ was found in ██████, Germany.

The full journal can be accessed by Level 3 and above personnel at the Foundation central archives.

Addendum: 11/15/12:

On 11/15/12, Dr. Flynn was placed onto SCP-3933 staff as a psychologist for SCP-3933-2. Time was allocated for an interview between Dr. Flynn and SCP-3933-2.

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