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A single unopened SCP-3939-1 instance.

Item #: SCP-3939

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In co-operation with manufacturer Ferrero SpA, all production of Kinder Surprise confectionery within Germany has been halted until Foundation operatives are able to combat the spread of SCP-3939-1 instances, and neutralize the effects of SCP-3939 as a whole.

MTF Zeta-15 ("Easter Bunnies") are tasked with locating and destroying SCP-3939-1 instances throughout German supermarket chains and small businesses via incineration. In order to avoid the use of expensive amnestic substances, Zeta-15 have been supplied with the means by which to enter these establishments under the guise of Commission E1 officials and remove all potentially anomalous objects.

All online videos perpetuating the existence of SCP-3939-1 instances are to be combated via the mass release of 'debunking' videos in which the phenomenon is labelled an elaborate hoax. Major news networks have been informed of this development, and are encouraging a similar attitude towards their viewer base.

Description: SCP-3939 designates a phenomenon by which 10% of Kinder Surprise egg confectioneries produced post-2016 spontaneously gain anomalous properties. The affected eggs (henceforth designated SCP-3939-1) gestate a sentient avian organism (henceforth designated SCP-3939-2) within their chocolate shell upon being removed from the foil wrap.

SCP-3939-2 bears heavy resemblance to a young Gallus gallus domesticus2 specimen. It is composed entirely of chocolate, though by some unknown mechanism is able to produce small chirping vocalizations. SCP-3939-2 have been observed to, on occasion, attempt flight. Their lifespan is typically one to four hours (depending on external factors such as temperature and handling).

Infra-red screening of unwrapped SCP-3939-1 instances have determined no visible heat signatures, suggesting that SCP-3939-2 spontaneously manifests following an arbitrary number of seconds. However, scratch marks along the inner white chocolate layer of SCP-3939-1 shells suggest that SCP-3939-2 exists within the egg for a currently indeterminable amount of time prior to hatching.

Note: SCP-3939 was issued Keter classification on 28/11/2017 due to its widespread influence within the public sphere, as well as its potential to gradually increase in virality (see Incident 3939.1).

Addendum 3939.1: On 24/11/2017, Foundation agents operating within Luxembourg, Germany entered the home of suspected anartist and PoI-8664 Peter Vogel for the purpose of detaining the individual and acquiring potential anomalies. Upon the discovery of several 'prototype' instances of SCP-3939-13, Vogel was interviewed. The following transcript has been translated.

Incident 3939.1 Following his re-capture, Vogel's hands were bound in order to nullify his ability to create anomalous objects. This, however, did not prevent the activity of SCP-3939, as within 12 hours the rate at which SCP-3939-1 instances occur increased from 10% to 15%. Furthermore, the object gestated within SCP-3939-1 began to vary, with increasingly hazardous and unpleasant results.

Objects found within SCP-3939-1 instances following Vogel's recapture include, but are not limited to:

  • Small lumps of Gallus gallus domesticus tissue.
  • Bone fragments of no discernible genetic origin.
  • Cooking oil, heated to around 300º C.
  • One liter of human blood. The origins of the blood, as well as the mechanism allowing that volume of blood to fit within the chocolate shell, are currently unknown.
  • 100 ml of a foul-smelling liquid. Chemical analysis revealed it to be extract from the anal scent gland of Mephitis mephitis.5
  • Approximately 200 live spiders of various species. One laboratory instance was found to contain an anomalously large Brachypelma hamorii6 specimen.

Furthermore, SCP-3939-2's physical appearance was altered to appear larger and significantly less appealing. Boil-like lumps have been noted to appear along the majority of their bodies. Its vocalizations have now been described as not dissimilar to 'a crying infant' by Foundation researchers. Whilst current SCP-3939-2 instances are generally non-aggressive, extensive physical contact has resulted in them attempting to scratch out the eyes of personnel and D-Class subjects.

Upon the discovery of these changes, Vogel was asked to comment on their purpose. CCTV footage from within his residential chamber was captured and transcribed below.

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