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SCP-3939's previous documentation has been archived. It is kept alongside recent versions for posterity, and due to the procedures remaining relevant to current handling of SCP-3939-1 instances.
- Dr. B. Ewing.

Item #: SCP-3939

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3939 is to be contained within a steel container, measuring at least 4 m × 2 m × 2 m. Said container is to be sealed in concrete. Any visible malformations or damages to this concrete (swelling, fracturing, etc.) are to be reported to the current Site-114 Administrator.

Following Protocol 3939-01, if damage to SCP-3939’s containment requires immediate repair, MTF Lambda-8 (“St Leo”) will be assigned to the entity’s temporary containment (see Addendum 3939-01).

Description: SCP-3939 is a white translucent humanoid standing at 3.4 meters tall. The body of SCP-3939 appears to suffer from severe malnutrition, with visible bone structure beneath the skin- however, it lacks any internal or external organs.

SCP-3939's arms measure around 1.5 m in length, and both split at the end into three finger-like appendages. These appendages are tipped with hundreds of fine keratin strands, making them similar in composition to human hair. Observation of high-speed footage suggests that SCP-3939 has full control over each individual strand.

Barring its physical form, SCP-3939 has displayed two anomalous properties. Its primary anomaly of note is the entity's tremendous and consistent speed of approximately 9500 kilometres per hour. How it achieves this speed is entirely unknown, as is the method by which it avoids damaging nearby objects, life forms or terrain when traveling.1

SCP-3939 is predatory selectively hostile, engaging with seemingly random targets between intervals of anywhere from five minutes to 120 hours. Its second anomalous property occurs upon physical contact with a human subject, at which point SCP-3939 will 'leap through' their torso, and in the process alter their entire physical form (including clothes, skin and organs) on a molecular level into standard, non-anomalous paint. SCP-3939 will proceed to create a highly realistic portrait of the victim (henceforth referred to as SCP-3939-1) on the closest available surface.

All of the above information was discovered via testing with █████ brand high-speed camera technology. The process, in its entirety, takes approximately 0.6 seconds from the moment of contact to completion of the portrait.

Discovery: Theories regarding SCP-3939's existence surfaced alongside a recording posted on various social media websites (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) of ████ ████████, a busker located in ████, UK. The video consists of ████ attracting a crowd of around ten individuals, before being turned into an instance of SCP-3939-1 (henceforth referred to as Incident 3939-A).

On █/11/2008, Senior Researcher Moss, upon examination of Incident 3939-A, found 36 frames of footage suggesting the presence of an unidentified entity. In these frames, white blurs (previously considered an internal error of the camera) enter the scene, attach to ████████ in his live state, and then proceed to vanish in the same frame he is transformed into an SCP-3939-1 instance.

This discovery prompted personnel to fabricate a lure designed to capture such an entity. A crowd of 25 D-Class subjects was instructed to surround an individual D-Class in a large Keter containment chamber, essentially recreating the scenario in Incident 3939-A. A single guarded door was open to allow access of the suspected entity.

This process was repeated consistently between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM. After one week of unsuccessful results, the quantity of D-Class subjects was increased to 50. As a security measure, sedative gas was filtered through the chamber's ventilation system in hopes of reducing aggressive behavior.

On ██/12/2008, approximately two hours into testing, the individual D-Class was transformed into an instance of SCP-3939-1. Personnel took immediate action in sealing the cell door. Small depressions began appearing along the interior walls, confirming the presence of an unseen entity. Presumably out of frustration or anger, all D-Class involved became SCP-3939-1 instances within six minutes.

Personnel took advantage of SCP-3939's lack of momentum, containing the entity in a mesh net during transportation to its new containment. The concrete exposure method was only applied after testing determined it would not be lethal towards SCP-3939.

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