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Item #: SCP-3947

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Only coloured photo of SCP-3947

Special Containment Procedures: Due to Incident 560, SCP-3947's containment procedures have been revised as to ensure no further incidents occur. SCP-3947 is to be contained within a standard Foundation Storage Locker inside of Site 17, which is however located a minimum 5 metres away from any other storage locker. The locker itself is to be lightproofed from the interior. The singular door is to be made of fit it's doorway with no space for light to escape. The locker's exterior is to be checked once per day as to ensure it is in proper condition

SCP-3947 is to be kept away from power sources at all times. Should testing be required by researchers and given permission by the site director, all non-participants viewing the tests are required to wear goggles which reflect all coloured light. Any D-Class personnel used for testing are to be restrained by security personnel wearing the same protective eyewear as mentioned beforehand and taken to secure cells, to be administered sedatives and class-B amnestics. All D-class personnel tested upon must record their emotional states for a further 168 hours after testing. The room used for testing should contain no windows or objects which would otherwise allow for viewing of the room itself. An exception is made for —two one CCTV camera which is modified to only view the room in black and white,. Testing has been suspended as per senior researcher and site director orders.

Security and researchers who work around SCP-3947 must first undergo psychological testing to ensure the individual shows minimal to no emotions and must further undergo subsequent testing every month week as to ensure no significant changes in emotion have occurred.

Description: SCP-3947 is a spherical Himalayan salt lamp, 16cm in height and weighing 3kg. 3947 is by coloured white by default, as opposed to the orange salt lamps traditionally come in. 3947 functions as an ordinary salt lamp would whether it is plugged into a power source or not. The lamp emits 900 lumens and while coloured white, has no known effect on any human.

Should a human show emotion of any type through facial or bodily expressions within a 5m sphere around 3947, the lamp will begin to glow the colour chosen to represent the emotion.

Any Human, hereafter known as SCP-3947-1 being which sees the coloured light emitted by the lamp begins to feel the emotion associated with the colour. The feeling brought about by 3947 increases the longer the SCP-3947-1 views the light, to the point where the human feels nothing but the specific emotion. After 5 minutes of exposure to the light, SCP-3947-1 will begin to search for a power source to plug 3947 into. Failing to find any power source within 10 minutes will result in SCP-3947 changing colour to red and all affected individuals experiencing extreme rage. Should SCP-3947 come into contact with a power source [DATA EXPUNGED].

The effects of SCP-3947 on SCP-3947-1 stabilise once viewing of the lamp's light has ceased and will decrease over a 20 minute period before discontinuing entirely. During this 20 minute period, 3947-1 will express themselves with the emotion 3947 is currently representing, with slight changes to 3947-1's physiology noticeable during exposure and continuing for an undefined amount of time [See testing log below]. After the 20 minutes, subjects will cease to feel the emotion but keep the physiological changes. Furthermore, should SCP-3947 go without a human viewing it for 20 minutes, the coloured light will cease to illuminate and be replaced with default white light.


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