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Item #: SCP-3953

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") are to investigate any missing person cases involving mysterious circumstances. Any possible evidence of SCP-3953's involvement is to be confiscated, and be kept in Secure Archive 70781.

Amnestics are to be administered to personnel no longer assigned to SCP-3953. Items or individuals taken by SCP-3953 is to be considered lost.

Description: SCP-3953 is a pale tendril which manifests from dark or obscure places. In each manifestation, it varies in size and sometimes possess three spindly digits at the end. Based upon current estimations, manifestation occurs approximately once per day in dark and obscured locations. No pattern for these manifestations has been identified, and the exact rate of manifestation remains unknown.

When SCP-3953 manifests, it will take an object or person relative to its size. Its movement is often too quick to notice, and is a white blur when directly viewed. Electronic means are sufficient to capture a clearer image of SCP-3953.

It is unknown where items acquired by SCP-3953 is taken or what the tendril is attached to. See Addendum.

SCP-3953 gained SCP status after the following occurrences.

  • On 3/15/██, a Mr. ███ Rodney in Miami, Florida reportedly claimed to have witnessed SCP-3953 take his dog. The report lacked any evidence and was deemed a low priority.
  • On 5/12/██, SCP-3953 was caught as a blur on CCTV footage at a local gas station in Vancouver, Canada. It took a trash can and the incident was logged simply as an extranormal event.
  • On 07/12/██, a Mr. █████ Clark had his wallet was taken by SCP-3953 as he was wandering at a gift shop at █████. SCP-3953 was caught on camera slithering from behind a stocked shelve to Mr. Clark's pocket.
  • At Site-██ on 5/13/██, Head Researcher Westfield was taken by SCP-3953 as he passed an open broom closet while walking to his office. SCP-3953 received full SCP status.

Addendum 01: Initial Test Logs

NOTE: Due to how tedious, costly, and long it took to acquire results, no further tests are planned at the moment. Besides, I doubt we'll learn anything new. -Dr. Hadian

Procedure: A GPS tracker is kept in an empty storage locker lined with motion sensors.

Result: After a month, the GPS tracker was found missing along with the motion sensors. No signal from the tracker was detected.

Procedure: One Class-D personnel (D-782199) in a dark testing chamber. Infrared cameras are installed to monitor the subject. The subject is to wear shackles fixated to the walls.

Result: After five weeks of no results, the test was about to be aborted before D-782199 was taken by SCP-3953. It pulled D-782199 with great force that it tore the subject’s left leg, and the shackles.

Incident Report 3953-1: On 07/17/██, a cruise ship leaving the ports of ██████ suddenly was sunken beneath the water by SCP-3953. It was caught on the cameras of onlookers on nearby boats. Mobile Taks Force Gamma-4 ("Red Herrings") were deployed and a total of ███ individuals were lost to SCP-3953.

Incident Report 3953-2: On 09/28/██, a commercial airliner en route to Hawaii disappeared from radar in the middle of the night. Communication with pilots reveal they were passing through clouds, and moments before disappearing reported seeing a "tentacle". ███ people were aboard the flight.

Addendum 02: Level 5 Clearance

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