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Item #: SCP-402

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-402 is to be contained in a reinforced concrete bunker, located at Site-92. Following Experiment 402-2-41, no water is to be allowed within thirty (30) meters of SCP-402. Guards are to be posted year-round in Site-92 stationed around the aforementioned bunker. The bunker is to be listed as a military radar station to further prevent travel. Any unapproved individual approaching the bunker is to be warned immediately. Continued approach warrants apprehension, interrogation and administration of Class-A amnestics. Under no circumstances is SCP-402 to be moved outside the installation without prior permission from three O5-level personnel. If transported, SCP-402 is to be kept at a minimum of one-hundred (100) kilometers from any source of water consisting of more than two-hundred and twenty square-meters of surface water.

All staff housed at Site-92 must report for a monthly physical and psychological exam. Staff should take care to maintain appropriate hydration. Should personnel begin to show unusual obsession over SCP-402, they are to be transferred to a different project. Due to the lack of understanding of SCP-402's effect on life2, interaction with SCP-402 is to be conducted through a non-hydraulic robot.

Description: SCP-402 is an oblong solid composed of a dark material resembling polished obsidian, and is approximately ten cm tall and six cm wide. SCP-402 weighs approximately five kg when in a dry environment. Attaining samples of SCP-402's material is difficult, requiring extreme force to break off segments. X-ray crystallography results indicate long chains similar to polypeptides composed of an unknown substance, which is speculated to be the source of the object's strength. SCP-402 displays two anomalous physical properties. The first anomalous property is that, when buried in any granular substance it will always rise to the top3. The second and most notable property is that SCP-402 is an effective absorber of water. When placed in contact with any form of water, SCP-402 will absorb it at a rate proportional to the saturation of its surroundings. The water absorbed by the item does not predictably affect the item's mass. (See Experiment 402-2.) The water absorbed by SCP-402 is gradually dissipated back into environment in a manner similar to evaporation, beginning dissipation after twenty-four hours of no direct water contact. However, only the post absorption mass will be released back into the environment.

Additional notes: SCP-402 was located when Foundation climatologist Dr. Jackson ██████████ (currently the Containment Specialist for SCP-402) observed a significant shift in moisture levels in the environmental records of the ██████ region of ████. ██████████ speculates that an area of [REDACTED] km was rendered a desert over an unknown period of time due to the hydrophilic behavior of SCP-402.

Following the results of Experiment 402-2-4, I am requesting that SCP-402's containment protocols be revised. Also, after Experiment 402-3-1 through 3 I have concluded [REDACTED]. Thus I am also requesting Keter reclassification.
-Dr. Jackson ██████████

Containment procedure revisions granted. Keter reclassification denied at present. We still await the final results of human trials, we need to fully understand the effects of severe dehydration on human psychology.

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