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SCP-4026's appendage tip.

Item #: SCP-4026

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4026 is to be kept under observation in a specially-constructed cell. Scheduled music is to be played over the cell's intercoms.

Description: SCP-4026 is a creature made of phalanges and ingrown calcium deposits (colored in nail polish) measuring 12m in height. Its body is capable of locomotion via 245 centipedal appendages, utilized for crawling or dancing. The tip of each appendage conforms to a singular point which resembles a large toe, covered by a 25mm embroidered shoe.

Infracted blood vessels and muscles of SCP-4026 exhibit avascular necrosis and sepsis, and fungal colonies have grown between folds. Despite physical complications, the creature demonstrates no signs of pain when acting out choreographed movements in response to music.

Field agents spotted SCP-4026 disguised in a dragon costume during a Chinese New Years festival, moving in a serpentine, undulating manner. Upon accomplishing a circular outline with its body, it passed through the opening with its front-facing segment, achieving wave-like patterns with its body, which ultimately unveiled its costume. Standard amnesticization and media coverups ensued; SCP-4026 was lured into a retrieval vehicle with a stereo playing the Chinese national anthem.

When not in the presence of audible music, SCP-4026 becomes unruly and aggressive, undergoing physical augmentation.1 This has lead to several containment breaches. Below is a list of hand-selected music chosen by Lead Researcher Helena for its 90% success-rate in fatiguing SCP-4026:

Music Dances
Los Del Rio - La Macarena SCP-4026 shimmies upright, bringing its appendages parallel to the floor, spinning its left and right appendages inward and outward simultaneously. Attempting to reach behind itself, it spins continually in circular motions.
Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison SCP-4026 emulates clapping motions with its appendages, due to the full width of its body preventing either side from touching. Leftmost appendages point towards the intercom whilst the rightmost appendages drum inward. The top-most portion of SCP-4026 begins waving rapidly; the bottom-half portion leans left to right, stomping with a diagonal gait.
MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This SCP-4026 struts side-to-side, flailing, flapping and gyrating (audibly emitting cracking noises from its joints) its appendages. SCP-4026 experiences gaseous expansion in its lower-half as it squats and shuffles in various directions. Edema inflicted pus flies spontaneously from soft connective tissues.
The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back SCP-4026 secretes viscous fluids which lessen the friction of the linoleum floor. It performs 360° spins, building momentum until it performs an acrobatic flip, failing mid-way as its body slams into the ceiling. SCP-4026 begins wriggling, transitioning into a dance move colloquially known as "the worm."
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