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The following file was discovered in Site-82's Research Wing.

Item Number: SCP-4031

Object Class: EUCLID


Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-4031 is a powerful fast-acting amnesiac of unknown makeup, quantity, and origin.

Subjects in visual, olfactory, gustatory, auditory, tactile, and memetic range sustain short-term memory loss, disassociation, and an acidic aftertaste. Application of the amnesiac leads to a male vocalization of human origin. Exposed subjects cannot corroborate the vocalization's existence upon interrogation.

Experimentation Log: The following is a series of alleged interactions with SCP-4031. Interactions were not logged in real time: Unknown subject(s) recorded the interactions in documentation areas. Inputs include different persons, objects, and conceptual structures. Results include different levels of conceptual recall.

Input Test Results
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Forgotten.
Pie N/A
Gustatory Sensation N/A
Tongue Forgotten.
Fleshy Structure, Unknown Origin Consumed.
Blood Loss Forgotten.
Blood Loss N/A
Blood N/A
Blood Subject expired.
New Test Recalled.
Blood Recalled.
Lab Pencil Forgotten.
D-5549 Forgotten.
D-5549 N/A
Junior Researcher Ortega Forgotten.
Junior Researcher Ortega N/A
Researcher Smalls N/A
Dr. Westrin Forgotten.
Dr. Westrin N/A
Project Lead Xiulan Forgotten.
Vocalization N/A

Addendum: Research personnel were administered Class-W Mnestic1 drugs with the intent to examine SCP-4031. Researchers discovered a hereto unaccounted for white male subject on the floor, deceased. The subject possessed lacerations, emaciation, a broken left clavicle, and blood loss in the oral cavity. Notably, the subject possessed significant cranial damage.

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