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Attention "Clingy" Simon

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Procedures: SCP-4032 must be contained in a standard 12 ft by 10 ft room, along with a twin-sized bed. SCP-4XXX must be accompanied by a regular human male/female at all times, to ensure the captivity of him.

Statistics: SCP-4032 was first located in *CLASSIFIED*, USA, in the city of *CLASSIFIED* in the year 1945, shortly after the end of World War II. SCP-4XXX has stated that his name is Ludwig "Simon" Croff, although no past records contain the full name ever existing.

Simon, as he likes to be recognized as, has the appearance of an average teenager, and has the mental IQ of a 25-year old male. However, instead of possessing human flesh and organs, Simon is completely made of a tar-like substance. Research has shown the body has no dangerous or radioactive substance inside of the liquid. His eyes, of pure snow white, are bigger than normal humans by 2 inches width and 3 inches height, resembling that of a cartoon character. Scanners have also shown that he only possesses a stomach and an esophagus as organs, despite him saying he never is hungry.

SCP-4032 is non-lethal to humans is very passive towards humans, even interacting with them in a kind manner, and asking normal questions the average human would ask, such as "How's the weather?" or "How is your family?" He has a high sense of humour, finding comedy even in the most ridiculous scenarios.

Despite these findings however, SCP-4032 also has a much darker side to himself. Studies have shown that when left alone for a specific amount of time(1 hr. to 3 hr.), he will soon begin to have "hallucinations" and panic attacks. Upon a person entering the room, SCP-4032 will seem to stop having these delusions and immediately comfort himself among the person. When asked about the delusions, he describes them as "a hell where even the Devil is tortured." No discoveries have been found of him having these hallucinations, but research has shown that the delusions are in fact real, as in one delusion he described had "silver demons crawling down his throat," and using x-rays have shown SCP-4032-B, a silver-colored fog thrashing about in SCP-4032's stomach. Upon throwing the fog up, the fog will cloud in the room, giving anyone around the fog severe headaches and nausea. No signs of death have been cleared out, but victims are still suffering from the trauma.

SCP-4032 is also very aggressive in certain states, either when a person physically harms him or begins to foul-mouth him. Most acts include him manipulating his body to kill the victim, most notably turning his arm into a giant pair of shears, cutting the victim's head off. When asked about these violent behaviors, SCP-4032 has no memories whatsoever of the killing.

Further studies of these aggressions and delusions will be studied in the later future.

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