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SCP-4035 as found before containment. See Addendum-4035-2.

Item #: SCP-4035

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4035 is contained in Site 17, within a protective case. Changing the painting on SCP-4035, outside of testing, requires the approval of two clearance level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-4035 is a 30cm x 24cm canvas with the writing "A Colorful World" on the back. The object is not susceptible to water damage. Instead, water will wash off any existing paint on the surface of SCP-4035.

The object has no anomalous effect until a person comes in direct contact with the surface of the canvas. The person touching the object will immediately enter SCP-4035, taking any possessions on their person with them.

Those who enter will return after a time. The duration is dependent on what is painted in the canvas. People who have experienced the anomalous effect of SCP-4035 consistently report being pulled into what appears to be an extradimensional location with contents correlating to the surface of SCP-4035. The contents of this location are reported to change when paint on the surface of SCP-4035 is altered or added to.

Testing has determined that all electronics cease function when within SCP-4035. Subjects who enter SCP-4035 for testing are given a journal to record their experience.


Addendum-4035-2: SCP-4035 was found in a small antique store titled after the painting, "La Primavera", located in Frosolone, Italy. The object came to the attention of the foundation when a part time employee of the store reported being at their workplace, and suddenly being somewhere else after touching a painting that was not for sale in the store.

Addendum-4035-3: SCP-4035 has been cleared for therapeutic use within the facility after noting the results of Test B.

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