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A Anglo-Saxon banner depicting the White Dragon

Item #: SCP-4047

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Temperature at living quarter must be kept between 02 °C and 05 °C (around 35 °F - 41 °F). If temperature fall below the standard, SCP-4047 metabolism may start to degrade. If it rises above 05 °C, inform security immediately. Failure to report temperature levels might result in Meltdown Scenario(Please refer to Addendum 4047-1).

When entering living quarters, personnel must be accompanied by two(2) Level-2 security officers. Though incidents are rare, caution is advised at all times. Attempts to communicate with SCP-4047 while within Living Quarters are not advised.

Absolutely no combustibles are allowed within living quarters. This includes but is not exclusive to: firearms, matches, lighters, flamable liquids or dry wooden matterials. Anything that can produce or aid in the production of a spark is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with said restriction might result in Meltdown Scenario.

Description: SCP-4047 is a humanoid of exactly 1,90m (6,23ft). Caucasian in appearance, SCP-4047 bears strong scandinavian characteristics. It is eyeless and fully blind. Torso, arms and legs are covered in extensive tattoo work. These appear rudimentar in confection, and are mostly comprised of Germanic and Proto-Germanic symbols, most of which are yet to be identified (Extensive studies by Dr. F█████ have dated most of the symbols to the 6th Century A.D. Older analysis by Dr. P███ dated the symbols to the 9th Century A.D.).

SCP-4047 does not appear to age or suffer natural muscular atrophy of any kind. Though malnourishment will result in eventual starvation and(presumably) death, his body appears to remain in a sort of metabolic stasis when well fed and rested. The cause for this remains unknown. Tissue and Celular analysis have found no annomalies, and appear to indicate the metabolism of a healthy, ordinary male with around thirty(30) years of age.

SCP-4047, when fully conscious, claims to be called Hargyrn, Halgren, or simply, the White Dragon. It appears to be referencing the creature often assossiated with the Anglo-Saxons, present in many early medieval flags. It claims to be a Deity responsible for guiding his people to the White Isle, and for defeating a great foe it simply calls "The Red Dragon". Though these claims remain unchanged since it's aquisition in 09/23/193█, any discussion more complex is often covered in contradictions and mumbling. SCP-4047, appears constantly in a state of exaustion and incoherence. Though this is almost certainly a partial result of it's containment methods, full blame cannot be placed within the room temperature, as It was arleady in such a state when It was acquired in ██████, England.

SCP-4047 is incapable(or simply unwilling) to speak in any language besides it's current one (Which Dr. F████ has identified as a mixture of early Angle and Jute dialect, and succesfully translated. Please refer to Addendum 4047-02). A noted exception is when It sings. SCP-4047 holds a fondness for singing, and when doing so, his voice is perceived in the natural language of the receiver. Though digital reccordings seem to indicate he is singing in his regular tongue, staff has reported hearing him in perfect English, French, German, Arabic, and Japanese. Some songs appear to be myths while others appear to be folk tales. All, however, are very well received by the staff, who, after repeated requests, aquired permission to grant SCP-4047 a simple Lyre. It nows play the instrument at least two(2) hours every day.

Addendum 4047-01: In at least two occasions a Meltdown Scenario has been experienced. The first in ██/██/████ when room temperature control systems failed. Temperature reached 15 °C(59 °F), at which point SCP-4047 ignited the living quarter, and proceeded to melt the containment glass. The incident resulted in multiple casualities before it was contained.

The second occasion was in ██/██/████, when a staff member forgot to remove his lighter before entering the living quarter. The resulting combustion evaporated all present within (including Dr. P███).

Addendum 4047-02: Though blind, SCP-4047 is fully capable of reading Braille. It has been offered a plethora of options in reading material, rejecting most. A noted exception is any piece of work from J. R. R. Tolkien. It has read a fireproof copy of The Silmarillion over two hundred(200) times. The reason for such fascination is yet unknown.

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