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Item #: SCP-4073

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4073 is to be kept in a standard concrete containment chamber 12m by 12m on a lower-able pedestal 6m tall. SCP-4073-2 is to stay on site at site-███, SCP-4073-2 is allowed to wander freely throughout the mechanical item containment and labs of site-███. SCP-4073-2 is to continue its duties as a foundation researcher.

Description: SCP-4073-1 is a copper cylinder 2cm by 3cm, eight 1x1cm holes line the side of the object. Whenever a live human comes within 5m of SCP-4073-1, the object will move towards the subject (now designated SCP-4073-2) the object will cut its way into SCP-4073-2, resting inside of the chest cavity, SCP-4073-1 will proceed to convert SCP-4073-2’s soft tissue into equally functioning mechanisms. The brain is replaced by a anomalously complex microcomputer. SCP-4073-2 reports no pain during the process.
SCP-4073-2 is currently the upper body of Dr.███ Buller. During the infamous 20██ containment breach of site-███ Dr. Buller was running past the containment chamber of SCP-4073-1, when the wall gave out; crushing his legs. SCP-4073-1 crawled out, and amputated it at the waist, SCP-4073-1 proceeded to crawl into it's torso, and sprout eight large multi-jointed legs Resembling those of a arthropod, out of the wound to assist with locomotion. SCP-4073-2 also has 16 limbs of multiple uses sprouting out from along his spine.
list of observed utilities
buzz saw
syringe containing amnesics
Syringe containing tranquilizer
grasper with three claws
grasper with five fingers
Philips head screwdriver
oil can
a human finger
anomalous anesthetic

Note: someone get it a psychiatrist, i'd be upset if a tin can cut off my legs and ████. - Researcher ████
request approved - Director ████

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