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Item #: SCP-4095

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4095 is kept in a filing cabinet in Site-73 and may be used freely by any Class 2 personnel with permission by any researcher having experience with SCP-4095. SCP-4095 is kept in a filing cabinet in Site-73 and may only be experimented on with Class-D subjects, or subjects who have cleared a complete psychological examination. Experimentation further requires written consent by two (2) senior researchers having prior experience with SCP-4095.

Description: SCP-4095 is a Valentine's day card measuring 15cm by 10cm when closed and printed on vellum cardstock. The face of the card is primarily white and depicts a cartoon owl perching on a branch with the text "Guess whoooo<sic> Loves You???" beside it. Thousands of cards of this model were printed by █████████ in 2002, but only SCP-4095 displays anomalous properties.

The anomalous effects of SCP-4095 are manifested when a human, hereafter SCP-4095-1, opens SCP-4095 to view its contents. For each person, SCP-4095 will contain a different handwritten list of names. SCP-4095-1 will become convinced it is a list of people who love them. In the great majority of cases, SCP-4095-1 is not surprised at the contents of the list as it regularly contains family members and romantic partners. In the remaining cases, SCP-4095-1 will firmly believe one or more names are missing. Because of the subjective nature of love, it cannot be said with certainty whether or not SCP-4095-1 is justified in their belief. SCP-4095 does not exhibit any other anomalous properties. Research into the extent of the anomalous powers of SCP-4095 is ongoing, and may include decreased mental stability of SCP-4095-1 in the aforementioned cases.

Incident Log 1:
On 3/1/09, D-1995 [See Test 4095-F, -F1, and -F2] surreptitiously escaped from his duties while being used as a subject for SCP-████, also situated in Site-73. In the time he was not under supervision D-1995 found SCP-4095 and attempted to write D-1996's name in it. Without the aid of a writing utensil he resorted to creating a cut on his wrist with his fingernail and writing on the inside of SCP-4095 with blood. D-1995 was terminated. When SCP-4095 was closed and reopened, the blood within disappeared.

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