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Item #: SCP-4098

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4098, and the corresponding 1 km around it (designated Containment Area 352), is to be closed off permanently to public view with the use of a standard electric fence, with several signs stating that the area is considered private property. Several security cameras will be positioned within Containment Area 352 in order to monitor all activity within the area. All non-authorized personnel found within Containment Area 352 should be escorted from the area and be administered Class-A Amnestics.

SCP-4098-B and SCP-4098-C are to be monitored in 1 week intervals through the use of seismic analysis, ultrasound, and radar. All personnel located inside of SCP-4098-Prime should immediately evacuate if SCP-4098-C breaches its containment below SCP-4098-Prime's landmass or succeed in terminating SCP-4098-B.

Description: SCP-4098 is an extradimensional gateway, formed completely of sand, located roughly 3 km from the Nile River, inside the "Great Sand Sea"1. SCP-4098 is located inside a natural cave 1 km from the cave's entrance. The cave in question is constructed out of several natural limestone erosions. The layout of the cave containing SCP-4098 is of a mazelike structure, with several paths leading off into dead ends. SCP-4098 is surrounded by hieroglyphs and depictions describing several Egyptian deities and their battles against an enormous serpent. Once entered, SCP-4098 transports subjects to an extradimensional space (hereby referred to as SCP-4098-Prime).

Accurate descriptions of SCP-4098-Prime are limited by its metamorphic geography. However, several features remain constant:

  • A landmass formed entirely from the husks of scarabs (Scarabaeus sacer), approximately 320 meters in diameter.
  • A massively expansive ocean, formed of a red and gray colored substance not found on Earth surrounding the landmass, that is capable of evaporating any object or entity that enters it. The upper parts of several unknown structures that are comparable in architecture to several skyscraper structures on Earth protrude from the ocean.
  • In the center of SCP-4098-Prime's landmass, an structure similar in architecture to an Egyptian temple, with a height of 63 meters and a width of 21 meters.

Numerous sounds have been recorded below the landmass. Examples include roaring, hissing, laughter, rumbling, and feline-like screams.

Within the temple located inside of SCP-4098-Prime, several hieroglyphic depictions describe a feline-humanoid entity locked in combat with a serpent of enormous proportions. Below the serpent's thorax, several entities can be seen with several lacerations across their torso and limbs, presumably slaughtered by the serpent depicted in hieroglyphs.

Through the use of seismic analysis, radar, and ultrasound technology, two entities have been identified 341 meters below the temple and SCP-4098-Prime's landmass inside of a large chamber of unknown measurements (hereby referred to as SCP-4098-B and SCP-4098-C).

SCP-4098-B is a humanoid entity, measuring approximately 10.2 meters in height, brandishing a large sword in each hand. SCP-4098-C is a serpentlike entity, measuring approximately 532 meters in height, length is estimated at 500 kilometers. SCP-4098-C's upper maxilla and forehead appear to be formed from a metallic substance.

SCP-4098-B and SCP-4098-C appear to be locked in combat with each other, with SCP-4098-C having a clear and visualised advantage over SCP-4098-B.

It is unknown what the result of SCP-4098-C breaching containment, or terminating SCP-4098-B would cause. Analysis of SCP-4098-C's size, however, suggests a warrant for a Category I.L. Emergency.2

Addendum-4098-A - Discovery: SCP-4098 was discovered by several archaeologists on ██-██-████, who posted their findings of SCP-4098-Prime on the internet through the use of a public blog. Due to the unpopularity of all archaeologists involved, very few internet users viewed the post describing SCP-4098-Prime. After the Foundation's discovery of SCP-4098 and the blog post harboring information on SCP-4098, all archaeologists involved in its discovery were forcibly recruited into the Foundation, and assigned to SCP-4098 for research. The servers used to host the findings were seized by the foundation, with all re-postings of SCP-4098 taken down accordingly.

Further research into the area revealed SCP-4098 was originally possessed by the "Priests of Amun-Ra". It is unknown how the Priests of Amun-Ra were capable of creating a gateway into SCP-4098-Prime, or their reasoning for creating such a gateway. Research suggested that the site was abandoned when "the traitor" rose to the seat of Pharaoh, most likely referring to [REDACTED].

It was the avowed belief of the Priest of Amun-Ra, based on their own scriptures, knowledge of mythology, and references from the "Book of Overwhelming Apophis", that the ocean surrounding SCP-4098-Prime's landmass may be [REDACTED], as such, one could deduce that SCP-4098-B, and SCP-4098-C may be [REDACTED]. Their beliefs, based on observational features of SCP-4098, and SCP-4098-Prime, appear to be correct.

Addendum-4098-B - Informational Issues:

From: ███ ██████, Technological Science & Containment
To: ████ █████, Head of Informational Security Department
Subject: Identity Protection of SCP-4098-B and SCP-4098-C


I'd just like to ask one question; why the hell is it that the identities of SCP-4098-B and SCP-4098-C are being hidden? For one, any certified Egyptologist who is currently researching this anomaly most likely already figured their identities out a long time ago. Secondly, if we have the identities of both of them already available, the Containment Engineers, who are here to make sure these things don't get out and potentially kill us all, could incorporate known mythological approaches to causing detrimental damage to a certain entity, possibly to help one or the other, then we could get done with this instead of spending precious funds keeping an eye on both -B and -C with radar and seismic analysis.



From: ████ █████, Head of Informational Security Department
To: ███ ██████, Technological Science & Containment
Re: Identity Protection of SCP-4098-B and SCP-4098-C

Hello, Dr. ██████,

Thank you for voicing your concern over this. The official word is, the O5s aren't going to take a mythological approach to solving an anomaly scientifically, especially since we have no proof of Egyptian rituals actually working. Secondly, the identities of SCP-4098-B and SCP-4098-C have not been confirmed, only being a belief from the Priests of Amun-Ra. The identities of either entity don't seem of importance, and even distracting. It was hard enough having to cycle out researchers who were ignoring our scientific processes, and trying to contain the anomaly with mythological approaches constantly, so we found it was best to just keep it a secret.

Thank you,
████ █████

From: ███ ██████, Technological Science & Containment
To: ████ █████, Head of Informational Security Department
Re: Identity Protection of SCP-4098-B and SCP-4098-C

Okay? It still puts me on edge that we're tasked with containing two anomalies we're not even allowed to know the names of.



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