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Item #: SCP-4153

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A worldwide IP ban has been issued to the domain address of SCP-4153, preventing unauthorised access. Due to Foundation encryption and tracking placed on SCP-4153, public access to SCP-4153 has been deemed extremely difficult, but not impossible for intelligent or resourceful individuals and organisations. Top priority is to be given to monitoring SCP-4153 and updating the encryption algorithms whenever possible. Knowledge of the domain name is kept under level 5 security clearance, so that nobody can intentionally search the internet for SCP-4153. Foundation staff given the task of monitoring and updating the encryption on SCP-4153 are handpicked by the O5 council.

Attempts to track down and neutralise the hosting servers of SCP-4153 have yielded no results, as SCP-4153 appears to not leave a digital footprint, and it does not appear to host itself on a peer-to-peer network. Due to the sheer volume of data contained on SCP-4153, it has been determined that SCP-4153 must not be hosted in any non-anomalous data centres. Investigation is still ongoing.

Currently, SCP-4153 is not to be accessed from any device. The only authorised method of bypassing the Foundation encryption placed on the domain address of SCP-4153 is by using decryption codes, which are kept at [REDACTED]. Following Incident-4153-01, further research of SCP-4153 is forbidden.

Formerly, while research on SCP-4153 was still being conducted, a non-anomalous laptop kept in Area █ was used to access SCP-4153. During this time, researchers could only access the holding cell of the laptop with express permission from the O5 council. Anyone known to have accessed SCP-4153 was to be administered amnestics after being directly exposed to the contents of SCP-4153, even if the their time spent with SCP-4153 was authorised. Authorised personnel researching SCP-4153 were to be monitored the entire time, and immediately detained if they attempted to tamper with the contents of SCP-4153.

The laptop allowing access to SCP-4153 was incinerated after Incident-4153-01.

SCP-4153-1 is to be kept in a holding cell and given basic human amenities. It is not to be provided with any device with internet access. SCP-4153-1 is permitted time to leave its cell to visit Dr █████ once a week. Any additional requests that SCP-4153-1 makes are not to be accepted, no matter how mundane, and avoiding conversation with SCP-4153-1 is to be avoided whenever possible.

Description: SCP-4153 is a website very similar in layout and function to an ordinary Wiki. There are no names given to this Wiki found on any of the discovered pages of SCP-4153 itself, nor does its domain name appear to relate to the name or function of SCP-4153.

The main page of SCP-4153 initially appears to be written in Mandarin-Chinese. Other than being a popular human language, researchers have been unable to discern why Mandarin-Chinese is the default language. There are four search bars on the page against a plain white background. The search bar at the top allows the user to type in the name of a language, which changes the text of the website into the language entered. Languages tested include all currently spoken languages, in addition to dead languages such as Latin.

Bellow that, three search bars are arranged vertically. From left to right, the text above first search bar reads ‘Year’, above the second search bar it reads ‘Name’, and above the third search bar it reads ‘Location’. There is a blue button beneath the search bar, upon which the word ‘Search’ is written on it with white lettering. This button is greyed out until text has been typed into each of the search bars. Upon clicking the button, the page loads into a new page, showing the results of the user’s search based on the criteria entered. The display on this page is blank if the search criteria was invalid or did not yield results.

If the search criteria yields valid results, SCP-4153 will display a list of human names based off the search criteria. Each name represents that of a real person. It will also only display names corresponding to the individuals who were born in the location and year corresponding to the search criteria that was previously entered. Clicking on any name will lead the user to another page. This page is a long wall of text detailing every element of the life of the individual chosen. A black sidebar will appear on the left of the screen, allowing the user of SCP-4153 to jump to different sections of the article. The sections of the article include ‘Summary’, ‘Post-Death’, ‘Attributes’, ‘Photos’, ‘Family Tree’, and ‘Day Journal’.

The Summary section of every article simply lists the most notable events in the individual’s life, from their birth until their death, much like a standard Wikipedia article written about any given individual. The Attributes section lists the features an individual possessed at each stage of their lives, listed individually in years. Attributes described include their height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, measurements of all features of their body, status of their organs, status of their health, and a code detailing their genetic genome. The Photo section is a gallery for every photo taken of the individual on any device throughout the individual’s life. Photos are displayed even if that photo was never revealed publicly, was lost, or was destroyed. The family tree displays a graphic displaying every human the subject of the page is related to, including their parents, ancestors, and their offspring, ending off at their great-grandchildren. Names on the family tree can be clicked on, which leads to that individual’s own page.

Lastly, the Day Journal section lists the actions the individual took for every day of their lives, from the first day of their birth up until the last day of their death. The Day Journal is extremely thorough, not missing out on details even if the events of any given day would be considered mundane. The Day Journal is also written in the first person, despite the rest of the page being written in the third person. A text box beneath the Day Journal option on the sidebar allows the user to input a number corresponding to a specific day in the individual’s life to jump to. The Day Journal section alone takes up the overwhelming majority of the page, and it is what causes any given individual page to be extremely long in length. It is estimated that it might take months to read through the entire contents of a single page, although the sidebar means that it is not too difficult to find specific information.

SCP-4153 will list information about an individual even if the individual has yet to experience any of the events described in the article. Each article describes the way an individual will die, for example, even if they are still alive. In this sense it can be said that SCP-4153 is predicting the future with every article. SCP-4153 also displays results complete with entire pages for humans born in years after the present day. SCP-4153 does not provide any references to backup the Wiki’s information, but observation has shown that many of the pages did indeed reflect the past and a small portion of future realities of Foundation staff who were informed of or observed their entries on SCP-4153.

After extensive searching, it was determined that humanoid SCPs are not listed on SCP-4153. This is with the exception of SCP-4153-1. While SCP-4153 was still being researched, researchers believed that this quirk of SCP-4153 could be exploited in order to find more anomalous humanoids yet to be discovered by the foundation. The reason for this being that they believed any human not listed on SCP-4153 would be worth investigating for anomalous properties. Researchers found no such success in attempting to search for missing entries.

The contents of SCP-4153 can also be edited, much like a standard Wiki. In the top right corner of the screen are the words ‘Create Account’ and ‘Sign In’. Creating account simply means entering a username, email, and password, with an activation email being sent to the user’s account. It doesn’t take long for an account on SCP-4153 to be activated. SCP-4153 offers no restrictions to what activated accounts can edit on any given page. Any edits made to a page become true in reality, even retroactively. This means an user can edit the past and future of any other human, including themselves, and using the day-journal section, they can make greatly detailed edits. Changes do not reflect reality until one clicks the ‘save’ button. If edits are made that include typos or out of context words, then those typos are automatically fixed, and the out of context words are removed, causing the article to be restored to its prior state. Thus, reality remains unaffected. After an edit is made, the butterfly effect from these edits is reflected in the rest of the page, as well as other pages on SCP-4153. These automatic changes occur even if nobody directly edited those pages, and these automatic changes are also reflected in reality. Any page that has been edited will leave a note at the bottom of the page reading ‘edited’ followed by the date of edit and the username of the editor. Only pages that were directly edited will display this, meaning that other pages affected by edits made by a separate page will not count as having been ‘edited’. The usernames of the original author or collection of authors of SCP-4153 were not discovered anywhere on the website.

Although such an incident has not been observed, it is speculated that deleting the contents of a page could cause that person to cease to exist entirely, and that changes could also cause other entries into SCP-4153 to be altered or deleted.

SCP-4153-1 is an Asian man sixty years of age, who possesses an amiable personality and a high degree of scientific intelligence. SCP-4153-1 was responsible for Incident-4153-01. Its expressed lack of remorse for this incident and extensive understanding of SCP-4153 makes it a dangerous threat to our current reality. SCP-4153-1 was considered a regular member of foundation staff, until investigations following Incident-4153-01 made it clear that SCP-4153-1 was in fact the manifestation of a page not edited, but deliberately created on SCP-4153. This is because the page for SCP-4153 reads 'Created by ██ '. Other pages do not list the initial author for a page, and pages which are edited read 'Edited' as opposed to 'Created'. This indicates that SCP-4153-1 is not a real human, but an unnatural anomaly caused by SCP-4153 that was inserted into our universe. Investigations are still ongoing to determining how the page which caused the existence of SCP-4153-1 was created, and SCP-4153-1 claims to not to know why it was created, but it appears to accept its existence.

Discovery: The truth regarding the discovery with SCP-4153 conflicts with memories held by Foundation staff as a result of Incident-4153-01. As such, through extensive investigations and interrogation of SCP-4153-1, the following information written here will present what we believe to be the 'true' discovery of SCP-4153 despite this information partially conflicting with Foundation data. This is because the nature of Incident-4153-01 is believed to have altered past and present events.

During routine monitoring and research of the Dark Web, Foundation staff discovered links to SCP-4153 being posted by an anonymous user to a variety of IRC chats. Foundation personnel were able to investigate SCP-4153 the moment the links were posted. Within sixteen minutes, the Foundation had gained enough information to determine the anomalous nature of SCP-4153, and the Foundation were able to issue the IP ban. All reference to SCP-4153 was thereafter censored.

However, Foundation personnel were aware of the fact that there were members of the public who had still been able to witness the contents of SCP-4153. The order to track down, detain, and administer amnestics to all users present in the IRC chats when the links were issued to Foundation personnel. The Foundation was also ordered to track down the original poster of the links.

Only five of the individuals present were able to be tracked down after the first week of searching, and a number of forty-seven individuals still needed to be tracked down. While the Foundation believed that we would be capable of finding the remaining individuals, the issue of time weighed heavily on foundation staff, and many personnel expressed concerns that the foundation was taking too long. Tensions ran high in the Foundation as rumours and screenshots of SCP-4153 began circulating the deep web. After two weeks of searching, the chief researcher assigned to studying SCP-4153 at the time made the proposition that would mark the start of Incident 4153-01.

Incident 4153-01: Information regarding this incident has been determined through investigations and extensive questioning of SCP-4153-1, as Foundation staff do not have a complete and accurate memory of events of Incident 4153-01. The following information written here will present what we believe to be the 'true' way Incident-4153-01 played out despite this information partially conflicting with Foundation data. This is because the nature of Incident-4153-01 is believed to have altered past and present events.

The incident began when SCP-4153-1 suggested that SCP-4153 be used to censor the information regarding the existence of SCP-4153. Rather than finding each individual and administering amnestics, SCP-4153-1 proposed that the day journal entry for the original Foundation staff member who discovered the posted links be altered. It reasoned that the entry be altered so that the Foundation Personnel only saw the links posted to a single IRC chat while it was devoid of users save for Foundation personnel and the anonymous user who posted the link. Its reasoning for allowing the link to be posted at all was that if the Foundation never discovered the link, then the Foundation would not have been able to issue an IP ban, meaning that there’s a chance SCP-4153 would be left on the internet unprotected and unobserved by the Foundation.

After discussions and critiques of its proposal were offered, SCP-4153-1 also concluded that information regarding the original discovery of SCP-4153 be written into the Day-Journal entry itself as a part of the amendment, to allow Foundation personnel to properly catalogue the history of SCP-4153 across different versions of reality. The proposal was dismissed, and it was not given permission to make the requested edits. SCP-4153-1 was, however, still given permission to research SCP-4153, as its insights into the subject had proven invaluable.

During its next scheduled research session, the behaviour of SCP-4153-1 did not appear to be out of the ordinary. However, through the glass window, the Security Officer tasked with monitoring SCP-4153-1 clearly spotted it making edits to SCP-4153. The Security Officer immediately altered personnel, and as per his orders, entered the containment cell to detain SCP-4153-1. However, it was able to save its edits before it was detained.

The edits SCP-4153-1 had made included every detail it had made in its initial proposal, and it is thanks to information that it left in the day Journal that the Foundation was able to determine the true nature of our first contact with SCP-4153. Despite its edits, SCP-4153-1 still found itself in a position where it was being detained. However, in the new reality, foundation personnel instead recounts it attempting to make an edit, rather than it being successful in making an edit.

Interviewed: SCP-4153-1

Interviewer: Dr █████

Foreword: The following is an interview with SCP-4153-1 following its detainment.

<Begin log, October █ 20 ██>

Interviewer: Well… go ahead and identify yourself, I suppose.

SCP-4153-1: No need to sound so glum. My name is Dr Miyazaki, senior researcher of the SCP Foundation, Area █

Interviewer: Look, I just hate to see you here in this position, old friend. I know I’m supposed to stay professional, but I just can’t. I’ve sat here in front of deranged lunatics, monsters, and things that defy description, but seeing you get done in for attempting something so stupid… well… it hurts.

SCP-4153-1: I’m going to miss our talks, too. There’s no telling what they’ll decide to do with me. I do hope we can stay in contact. But… let’s stay on track, shall we? You have a job to do after all, and I know how stressful it can be in your position. Just imagine how it feels being on the other side of the table! So, to get the ball rolling, I should let you know that I did not just attempt to edit SCP-4153. I succeeded. You know that, don’t you? Or perhaps you haven’t yet been informed.

Interviewer: No, I know the deal. You edited reality, and technically you got away with it. But it still makes my head spin, thinking about it. I saw you get detained before you could click the save button, after all. So here’s what I want to know. Why did you do it?

SCP-4153-1: Three reasons. Firstly, because I felt it was the best solution for the issue we were having in the ‘previous universe’, if that’s what you want to call it. Secondly, because I knew it would work. I looked up my own page on SCP-4153, after all… and it should be evident that the Wiki knows when it is going to be edited. The changes simply don’t take effect until they actually happen real time, that’s all. And lastly… well, in this universe I realised that there was a force stronger than the wiki itself. And that's when I realised that I was meant to do what I did.

Interviewer: Meant to do it? So what would that stronger force be, then?

SCP-4153-1: That Wiki… It basically chronicles our destinies. But who writes them? An author. Or many authors. In my case… it had to be a an author separate from the force that created the rest of the pages to unnaturally insert me in, don't you think?

Interviewer: It's a little hard to understand, but I think I understand what you're saying. So, next question, what were you trying to 'author'?

SCP-4153-1: Well, in this universe, I wanted to escape, when I realised what I was. I'm not surprised that I was detained, but I knew I had to try and give myself a destiny that was, well, one I was actually in control of at least. When I was captured, I realised that I never had a chance in the first place. I was written to be captured in this universe for the soul purpose of being detained… my desire for freedom weren't my real feelings at all. That is, if anything I think I know about myself is real, if any of it really belongs to me. But that’s… simply the nature of what I am. I existed for the sole purpose of making that edit in the previous universe, only to be thrown under the bus in this universe. And now I realise that no matter how much I might hate it, I have no choice but to be content with that.

Interviewer: And that's why you're now being classified as an SCP, I suppose. But… god man… I don't even know what to say…

SCP-4153-1: There's no use in pitying me. We're in a professional environment, after all. Just continue with the interview.

Interviewer: Fine… you're right, of course. I do have a question. Who made your page? You must have some idea, right? Since you were researching the wiki for so long.

SCP-4153-1: You just need to do a little critical thinking. There's not many people who know about the SCP, after all, so whoever authored my page must be more powerful than us. That's what I meant by 'author'. You already know, right? You just don't want to admit it. It was [DATA EXPUNGED]’

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-4153-1 was immediately detained midway through the interview, and placed into the containment in which it currently resides.

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