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Item #: SCP-4157

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4157 is to be contained within a 20x20x20 centimeter cube of steel in light containment. Access to SCP-4157 with Level 2 Clearance or under is restricted. Any instances of SCP-4157 outside of containment should be reported to a supervisor. Any instances of SCP-4157 near any paper products should be destroyed promptly or moved to another location.

Description: SCP-4157 is a standard packing peanut measuring about 2 cm in length. The object was discovered in a shipping crate in ██████. When an instance of SCP-4157 is put onto cardboard or any paper material,SCP-4157-1, a plant that resembles a cornstalk, will emerge out of SCP-4157, approximately 1 meter in height. The structure of the plant is exactly the same as a cornstalk, except that the cob is instead filled with instances of SCP-4157. Approximately 1 hour later, the objects will fall onto the cardboard and will restart the cycle. Attempting to remove SCP-4157 before 1 hour has elapsed results in SCP-4157 turning into a normal packing peanut. The packing peanut does not exert any anomalous properties. SCP-4157-1 is extremely tough and can grow through most materials. When SCP-4157-1 releases all of SCP-4157, it spontaneously combusts. The reason of combustion and how the object combusts is unknown.

Addendum: Tests to terminate instances of SCP-4157 by crushing, burning, and consumption have been proven successful, however, the item is being kept under foundation custody for examination.

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