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Depiction of an instance of SCP-4166-2, recovered from SCP-4166-1's notebook. Text appears to be Job 10:21-22.

Item #: SCP-4166

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4166-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell with the following modifications:

  • Adjacent cell has been converted into a 24/7 manned monitor/guard station.
  • Windows have been removed.
  • Warning signs have been placed indicating that religious and/or masculine-presenting personnel are strictly forbidden in SCP-4166-1's containment chamber.

Allowances of personal items are subject to the approval of Researcher █████ and Junior Psychologist ██████ ███. SCP-4166-1 has previously requested:

  • Five meals daily (Denied 07-26-2008).
  • Three meals daily (Granted 07-26-2008).
  • A pistol (Denied 07-26-2008).
  • A taser (Granted 07-27-2008).
  • Cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes (Denied 07-30-2008).
  • A butane lighter (Denied 07-30-2008, 08-02-2008).
  • Various books, magazines, and video games (granted 07-31-2008, pending review and approval of contents).
  • A copy of the Holy Bible (Douay-Rheims, Challoner Revision) (Granted 08-01-2008, Removed by request 08-02-2008, Granted again 08-04-2008.).

SCP-4166-2 manifestations are to be terminated upon sight, followed by administration of Class-Aϛ amnestic/sedative to SCP-4166-1.

SCP-4166-1 is to be provided 1 cc of human semen weekly, administered via capsule with food; SCP-4166-1 is allowed to deny administration once per month if refusal would not cause irrevocable harm. Arrangements have been made with a local sperm bank for these purposes. Psychological evaluations of SCP-4166-1 are to be undertaken once a week to monitor the efficacy of antianxiety and antidepressant medications.


Depiction of symptoms of SCP-4166-3 stage two, recovered from SCP-4166-1's notebook. Text appears to be St Matthew 6:9-12, better known as the Lord's prayer.

Description: SCP-4166-1 is a female human class-C reality bender responsible for the creation of SCP-4166-2 and SCP-4166-3. It displays numerous psychological ailments, including aversion to men, fear of sleeping, PTSD, anorexia nervosa, and suicidality.

Medical analysis has discovered significant scarring on the palms, feet, and genital area. Additionally, SCP-4166-1 exhibits extreme cachexia if not administered 1 cc of human semen weekly.

Every seven days, or in times of increased distress, SCP-4166-1 manifests an instance of SCP-4166-2 (if one does not currently exist).

SCP-4166-2 is a mute shadow-like humanoid figure with no defining visual features which otherwise exhibits typical human characteristics. Upon manifestation, SCP-4166-2 enters the room containing SCP-4166-1 through the primary method of entry, regardless of barriers. It then attempts to approach SCP-4166-1.

If SCP-4166-1 retains the memory of containment of SCP-4166-2, SCP-4166-2 proceeds to take action to counteract previous methods of containment, up to and including manifesting with weaponry.

Upon termination, SCP-4166-2 instances demanifest instantaneously.

SCP-4166-3 is a three phase mental illness affecting individuals who have observed an instance of SCP-4166-2, lasting for the duration of SCP-4166-2's manifestation.

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