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Object Class: Euclid/Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4223 is allowed free roam of facility.And is Allowed to Help the Foundation in doing Certain Tasks.

Description: SCP-4223 is a Humanoid sentient passive robot. The creator of SCP-4223 is currently unknown. SCP-4223 is very intelligent and even sometimes will try to start conversations randomly. SCP-4223 Measures At approximately 3 meters in height and and 325kg in weight. SCP-4223 is very robust and in strength and can carry over 2000kg in weight. SCP-4223 Can run an average of 140km Per hour. SCP-4223 also can [REDACTED] as well.SCP-4223 was found in [EXPUNGED]. SCP-4223 has Knowledge of Every known SCP in Containment and is used in many different test including said SCPs.

SCP-4223 Is also used/involved in many SCP's Captures,and Containment.

Notes:SCP-4223 Works to contain Keter SCPs and Euclid. Technology of SCP-4223 is considered impossible by human standards SCP-4223 is deemed as "Otherworldy".

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