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This file describes an anomaly of EXTRA-UNIVERSAL origin. This documentation is local to REALITY 5802-SIGMA-BLUE-ROMEO. Contact the Department of Ectodimensional Anomalies if you are unsure of your current or native universe.


YESHUA sensor array, Area-C4223

Item #: SCP-4223

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Red

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4223 is only partially contained, and may currently pose the threat of an RK-, IK-, and/or BI-class end-of-the-world scenario. While several containment attempts have been frustrated by the defense mechanisms within the anomaly, the threat has been reduced through responsive countermeasures. Efforts to fully eliminate the anomaly, and thereby the threat presented, are ongoing, under the oversight of Director Stevens.

A secure area of seven square kilometers (Area-C4223) has been established around Access Point Alpha, and is manned constantly by at least fifteen fully armed personnel, responsible for defending the area. Any SCP-4223-1 instances who manifest from Access Point Alpha are to be immediately terminated, and their bodies disposed of by biohazard teams. Additionally stationed onsite are six technical staff responsible for maintaining containment hardware and monitoring the YESHUA array. Personnel may be rotated to other sites if necessary, but there should never be fewer than two Level-3 trained technicians assigned to SCP-4223.

Lead/magnesium diboride Faraday shields have been constructed around SCP-4223 in order to block SCP-4223-2. Any conscious human (including all Foundation personnel, clearance level irrelevant) who is exposed to SCP-4223-2 must immediately submit to amnesticization, followed after twenty-four hours by Class-Six Berryman-Langford memetic infection testing.

The YESHUA (Yankovich-Edmonton Spatiotemporal/Hume Activity) sensor array is a system of gravitational probes designed to monitor SCP-4223, based on analysis of data recorded since initial containment in 20██. Upon reception of "Type Theta" distortions (indicative of SCP-4223-1 emergence), YESHUA will automatically alert onsite personnel and report the event to project oversight. System diagnostics and maintenance are to be carried out monthly.

Description: SCP-4223 is a Class-B wormhole, a fixed-point space-time anomaly located in █████ ████, Maryland. The anomaly is semi-stable, with relatively minor fluctuations in its magnetic and Hume fields. The property where the anomaly manifested (formerly ███ ████████ ██, █████) has been purchased by undercover agents and converted to Area-C4223.

The primary wormhole has been designated Access Point Alpha, as it is the only one used by SCP-4223-1. There have been occasions of smaller gravitational disturbances in the area around the central aperture. These "sub-distortions" have never appeared farther than forty-seven meters away from Access Point Alpha, nor has one ever manifested for longer than thirty minutes.

Further description of SCP-4223 pending Exploratory Mission 4223-Delta. Logs will be made available below. See Addendum 4223-B.

SCP-4223-1 are extradimensional humanoid entities with genotypical biomimetic abilities, capable of identifying native fauna (specifically targeting sapient life) and impersonating them for the purposes of infiltration. The instances observed thus far appear to have a rudimentary societal structure, with certain observed behaviors indicating a primitive form of hierarchy. SCP-4223-1 appear seemingly at random, with no pattern yet identified. Their sentience is currently a matter of debate within Foundation research teams.


Liquid secretions left over after the termination of an SCP-4223-1 instance.

SCP-4223-1 instances are observed to secrete an iridescent black substance from their bodies. This fluid is non-anomalous, and is highly similar to various naturally occurring hydrocarbons, with unusually high amounts of lithium and helium present in its chemical makeup. Initially believed to be a biological secretion, it has been observed being ejected from the smaller distortions around Access Point Alpha, indicating it may be a by-product of the wormholes themselves.1 While toxic, it can be handled safely with standard flammable-material procedures.

SCP-4223-2 is an anomalous electromagnetic signal produced by SCP-4223-1 instances via an unknown biological method. SCP-4223-2 has a frequency around 23.1 MHz, and is faintly perceptible to humans, usually reported as a faint buzzing sound. Exposed humans have a 57% chance of contracting a memetic contagion, which enhances violent tendencies and controversial thoughts, resulting in angry outbursts and attacks. If the infection is identified within 36 hours, Class-A amnestics are capable of curing the exposed person(s). Defense measures, including countermeme inoculations, have been met with limited success.

Addendum 4223-A: It has yet to be determined whether SCP-4223 occurred naturally or was artificially induced. Its use by SCP-4223-1 was initially considered evidence that they had constructed it for transportation; however, their random intervals of appearance and apparent lack of control over the anomaly suggests that SCP-4223-1 are simply utilizing it and do not actually understand its properties.

Addendum 4223-B: References to an "Exploratory Mission 4223-Delta" were discovered in this document August 20██. No explorations of SCP-4223 have been authorized, nor are they likely to be. The personnel responsible for this edit have been questioned, amnesticized and reassigned.


1) A leading hypothesis is that SCP-4223 may be a similar phenomenon to SCP-1330, though pending further research this is purely conjecture.

System Message: Overseer credentials identified.

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