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Adult SCP-4237 located in a gas station.

Item #: SCP-4237

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4237 are to be contained in standard marine life tanks. Operation Yellowtide is in effect - Foundation assets posing as FDA health officials are to investigate and contain known SCP-4237 habitats.

Description: SCP-4237 is the collective designation for a species of Candiru fish (measuring 15mm from head to tail) that mature into bathroom urinals, which predominately live in restrooms located within Idaho Falls, ID, USA. Schools of SCP-4237 gestate and dwell in water found in toilets, urinals, matured SCP-4237 instances, and faucets. Adolescents subsist on urea, potassium, and salt; they prefer ecosystems of 4.5-6.1 pH of human urine, and spawn rapidly in urine over 7.0 pH.

Should a subject discharge or defecate liquids or solids into an object containing SCP-4237 instance(s), it will:

  • swim up the respective stream of liquid
  • employ unique ligature in their tails - appearing as a flexible "spring" - and jump, using solid excrement as platforms.

Upon entering the urethra, the SCP-4237 instance navigates the urinary tract until it locates the bladder and situates itself therein. Testing reveals that if the instance enters rectally, it develops a cone-shaped calcification on its head tapering off by its gills, and will systematically puncture gastrointestinal flesh until it enters the bladder.

During an SCP-4237 instance's final maturation phase, it releases chemicals analogous to endogenous opioids as it alters the host's physiology.

Spine Sheaths of exoskeleton made to appear as porcelain. Also, used to form exceptional arthropodal pincers that can exert >20 megapascals.
Large intestine Assortment of PVC pipes.
Cecum & rectum musculature Various valves, pistons, and water drainage siphons.
Appendix An anti-splash screen.
Genitals & pubic bone 8 malleable legs

Often, subjects regard the transformation as mild to severe abdominal pain from a recent meal. Adulthood occurs in ~30 minutes (outdated, see Update below).

Discovery: On June 09, 2012, Foundation field agents flagged a hysterical 911 call made by a KFC restaurant employee who claimed that an event similar to the "chest-burster scene from Alien" had occurred and that the creature ran into the restroom.

When the retrieval team arrived, they found the cadaver of a customer with a large abdominal cavity. When securing the restroom, agents observed a urinal (lying near a fractured bathroom stall) that had been stripped out of its wall socket (indicated by ruptured pipe). The SCP-4237 instance was distinguished and secured as the only blood-soaked urinal with a hardened kidney converted into a front mount lever. SCP-4237 eggs were seized from stagnant water in adjacent utilities.

Update: On May 19, 2018, forensic urologists noted that SCP-4237 instances have shown increased incubation periods, lying dormant in hosts for months, as a reaction to increased containment initiatives by field agents. Ongoing investigation into SCP-4237 spread into contiguous states ensued.

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