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Item#: SCP-4264

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4264 is to be kept in a room similar to SCP-714 and kept on a pedestal. SCP-4264 is only to be used by testing or by permission, yet D-Class are not allowed to use SCP-4264 unless deemed necessary by higher authority.

Description: SCP-4264 is a bottle of poison with a cork as a bottle cap. its liquid inside the bottle is colored green, and the bottle itself is general in size, similar to an old fashion poison bottle.The poison inside has the same chemical makeup as pesticides(Boric acid, Capsaicin, etc.).

SCP-4264 anomalous properties begin when it is used on a organism or object that seems to be unhealthy or polluted. Any trace of low health, or pollution will vanish. This can range to humans, animals, plants, water, or even air. When SCP-4264 come in contact with a person that is not sick or diseased in any way, they will become either oxygen, fresh water, or plant life.

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