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Image of a subject's brain before and after the procedure.

Item #: SCP-4291

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: SCP-4291 is to be tested as often as required for gathering data once every week for testing repairs. Two new subjects are to be used with each test, while two psychologists informed of SCP-4291's function are to be left on standby. Both subjects are to be equipped with the provided equipment for recording radiation during the procedure. Tests involving non-D-class personnel require approval from two Level-3 personnel or higher.

Update: To prevent Incident 4291-A from reoccurring, SCP-4291 is to be kept at least fifty meters off-site in a tent lined with lead until its custom annex is constructed. Researchers are to wear radiation suits during testing, and psychologists should be kept out of the chamber until testing is finished.

Description: SCP-4291 refers to two heavily modified MRI machines connected together by electrical cables1. Both objects are constructed larger than their non-anomalous counterparts, being able to envelop a patient's entire body instead of their upper torso. The inner workings of both objects are fragile and differ greatly from non-anomalous MRI machines, making them difficult to manipulate without damaging.

When two subjects lie down on the patient tables, both machines will automatically withdraw them inside without requiring input2, and SCP-4291's anomalous properties will manifest.

Both machines will simultaneously perform a procedure that artificially stimulates the synapses of both subjects through unknown means, although a form of ionizing radiation has been recorded within the machine during the process. Subjects who undergo the process report a variety of new memories and urges, all of which consist of recorded information of the other subject (see Testing Log 4291-A). This often results in both subjects expressing confusion and stress at varying levels. If they do not receive specialized therapy, subjects will undergo a severe identity crisis, as well as other harmful psychological effects depending on the participants.

The machine also emits ionizing radiation in a sphere around it while active. This can be reduced in strength with standard high-density material. The radiation moves in a circular pattern around SCP-4291, rather than being projected outward. There is no evidence that suggests this negatively affects personnel nearby.

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