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An instance before retrieval

Item #: SCP-4303

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-4303 are contained in Standard Secure Containment Crates and packing foam. Instances must not be shaken or damaged during transport. If a new instance appears, eyewitnesses are to be given Class-B Amnestics.

Description: SCP-4303 is a series of meat vending machines found in public areas. To date 48 instances have been discovered. SCP-4303's anomalous properties only occur when an instance is interacted with. Various types and cuts of meats can be purchased from instances of SCP-4303. Periodically meats will materialize (See exploration log), refilling instances of this object. No meats produced by SCP-4303 rot. Although the available products are labeled as pork and beef, all of the available products have been genetically determined to be human.

Experiment Log:

Test #: 1
Subject: D-430-619
Protocol: D-430-619 was directed to insert American currency into the machine and select a meat.
Results: The object dispensed a product labeled “ham”. The label had a picture of an unknown man, no facial recognition matches were found.

<Additional Tests Hidden For Brevity>

Test #: 7
Subject: D-430-619
Protocol: The subject was directed to insert European currency into the machine and select a meat.
Results: A vacuum sealed package of human meat was dispensed. The product was labeled “pork loin”.
Notes: A facial recognition match was found between the label and Juanma Dávila Gonzales, a citizen from Spain. Prior to the test Gonzales dematerialized according to the report of two eyewitnesses. One other test had similar results however the victim was from India.

Test#: 8
Subject: D-430-619
Protocol: The subject was directed to shake the object.
Results: The test subject dematerialized. This replicated the results of the first report of SCP-4303.

Test #: 9
Subject: D-885-321
Protocol: The test subject was equipped with one GPS tracker, head-mounted camera, microphone, and transmitter. The test subject was then directed to shake the object.
Results: The test subject dematerialized. See exploration log.

Addendum-4303-B: Exploration Log:

Dr. Bromley: When you are ready to begin, please shake the object.
D-885-321: Alright then.

D-885-321 shakes the object and dematerializes. The test subject finds himself in a large factory inside a metal cage. Few machines are active. The walls are made of brick and steel beams. The windows are arched and flood the room with light. The machines have rust and show signs of age. The design of the machines suggests they were built in the 1910’s. The GPS tracker updates the location of the test subject, however the GPS coordinates lead to the Labrador Sea. Satellite images show no vessel or structure at the GPS coordinates.

D-885-321: Hey doc, you wanna tell me what the hell is going on? Where am I?
Dr. Bromley: I will let you know once we figure that out. For now we need you to look around as much as you can.

D-885-321 attempts to open the door to the cage however it does not move.

D-885-321: This place smells awful. How long do I have to be here?
Dr. Bromley: Just tell us as much as you can about what you see. Do you see anybody else around?
D-885-321: There’s lots of machines, but no people. There is a ton of different cages like the one I am in right now. Wait a second, I think I see somebody over there.

Approximately 90 meters away a figure can be seen at the far end of the room.

D-885-321: Hey you! What’s going on!? Wait a second - the fuck - he's hanging from a hook. Get me the hell out of here!

As D-885-321 shouts expletives, the signal cuts out. After 30 minutes contact is reestablished. The video feed shows D-885-321 sitting on a rafter.

Dr. Bromley: D-885-321 what happened?
D-885-321: Fuck you. One of those things came after me. I managed to run from it but none of the exits work, they’re all locked.

Below the test subject 10 figures can be observed. The figures have the body of a human but the head of a pig. Their skin is thick and wrinkled. One of the creatures grabs the test subject but is kicked off. The creature falls to the ground undamaged and begins climbing.

D-885-321: I'm out of ideas. Either I die here or I see where that portal thing goes.

Nearby there is a conveyor belt that leads to a square frame. The frame is approximately 0.5 meters by 0.5 meters in size. Inside the frame an opaque blue field is making meat products dematerialize.

Dr. Bromley recommends against D-885-321's plan but is ignored. D-885-321 jumps down and runs towards the exit. The creatures closely follow the test subject. After jumping through the exit, the GPS tracker updates, the test subject arrived at Site-19. D-885-321 rematerialized inside an instance of SCP-4303 and was crushed to death.

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