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Item #: SCP-4320

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4320-1 is currently contained to to the interior of Site-11 the entirety of the land referred to as Site-11 (see Incident-4320-01). As the entity's ability to instantly teleport around the confines of Site-11 makes capture efforts difficult, focus should be put on negating this ability in order to capture it. As the entities have teleportation abilities and tend to disappear almost immediately after their effects manifest, attention should instead be focused on locating SCP-4320-A and containing it.

SCP-4320 is a metamorphic entitySCP-4320 is the collective designation for a group of teleporting, metamorphic entities that most commonly appear as a 30 cm by 15 cm by 10 cm cardboard box, otherwise taking the shape of unassuming inanimate objects which one would normally not second guess for being left lying around on the floor (toolboxes, lunchboxes, pieces of paper, shoes, etc.), all with the main goal of tripping passing humans. These ground-based entities are collectively referred to as SCP-4320-1 and seem to originate from one parent entity, labeled as SCP-4320-A. It is unsure if the SCP-4320-1 entities are sentient, however their behavior has shown that they are to some degree.

While a SCP-4320-1 entity can theoretically turn into any inanimate object, it still has some defining characteristics no matter the form which separate from mundane objects of the same type:

  • Despite all attempts and available resources to the Foundation, the item appears to be immovable by any means, with no equipment or personal able to move, pick up, or otherwise disturb the object from its chosen position.
  • Anybody who trips on the object will immediately be laughed at or scorned by nearby individuals
  • The item will resist being opened (if possible for its form) to unnatural levels for the chosen form (i.e., a cardboard box requiring a power saw to remove the tape from its flaps)
  • The object is always solid, or mostly solid, at room temperature.

The main effects of the item stems from its ability to instantly move between two points in Site-11.
SCP-4320-1 will appear in front of a walking human or humanoid on the ground, who in all cases is either not paying attention to their feet or where they are walking. Even if noticed after teleporting, the item is seemingly unavoidable even if personnel can see it and identify it as an anomalous item, and any cases of trying to avoid being tripped up end up in failure (with often a more embarrassing, funnier, and/or catastrophic result than if they had not tried to avoid it). Once the chosen victim has tripped over the item, they either stumble and fall, or stumble and regain balance - these account for 100% of all interactions. The victim will always hit the floor within 1 minute after contact with the item. It is common for an unfortunate series of events to follow said tripping action, such as knocking over a tray of food or running into other personnel. In all eventualities any humans who view the event will burst out in laughter or scorn of the subject. Even personnel who do not learn of the event until later or view it indirectly but are in a 2 meter radius of the event will begin to giggle or smile without any prior knowledge as to why.

A SCP-4320-1 seems to choose its targets at random, something which several personnel state is not the case, with several cases of the item having targeted them. However, this activity is still viewed as random, as almost all staff who have visited the main R&D and containment building have been tripped at least once. It has been noted, however, that SCP-4320-1 entities seem to have a preference for visiting or non-permanent personnel, with an instance of a containment inspector having claimed to be targeted by the entirety seven times throughout their inspection of Site-11. The entities also rarely target more than one human at a time, with its pulling effect only being exerted on one person at a time per entity. However, their immovability prevents any outside force from preventing the target from tripping.

It should be noted that SCP-4320-1 instances will avoid stairs or anywhere in which tripping a human would result in serious injury or a fatality, instead opting to stay in areas that have a low chance of an individual hurting themselves. It's suspected that the items are merely trying to sustain themselves and the resulting emotions may be what fuel their movements.

Please stop spreading the notion that SCP-4320-1 singles out D-class and those with lesser security clearance, its causing people to focus so much on their feet that they don’t focus on where they are headed! We have lost 2 D-class and one technician to this hoax.
- Doctor Night

02/23/██: It has been brought to the attention of site staff that SCP-4320 seems to either have duplicated or there are multiple instances in play, rather than one metamorphic entity. Security camera footage has captured 3 simultaneous pranks by the item on 3 separate levels of the Research Wing. The need to find the source of these manifestations is paramount. Descriptions of the item have been updated

05/██/██: After extensive review of supply ledgers for the site, it has been discovered that the first appearance of SCP-4320-1 correlates with the arrival of a cargo transport from Area-██ 2 days prior. The effects of the item are believed to not have manifested at Area-██ due to the storage being a separate building from the main research and containment complex. The unusually high rates of incidents involving storage staff coincides with this hypothesis. Efforts to narrow down the search for the parent entity of SCP-4320-1 have benefited from this finding and discovery is approximated to occur within the next month.

On 06/17/██, Site-11 security and containment personnel were able to triangulate the rough location of the main instance of SCP-4320 (from now on referenced as SCP-4320-A). Upon entering the storage bay, personnel were immediately tripped over a large piece of plywood on the floor. After taking approximately 4 steps, they were again collectively tripped, this time over a pipe. This cycle repeated for the next 30 minutes until the group collectively ran into a large cargo crate. Upon tentative contact with the crate's surface, it disappeared. From that point onwards, encounters with SCP-4320 spread outside of the main, interconnected Research, Development, and Containment facilities of Site-11 and spread to the entirety of the land mentioned to as Site-11. On the floor where the crate once stood a sore agent retrieved the a piece of paper with the following message written on it:

too slow, watch your head :)

On 06/20/██, Agent T was walking down Hallway 3-B staring at his feet, as is the norm for persons experienced with SCP-4320, when he suddenly walked into a neck-high iron rod strung across the corridor. He proceeded to stumble backwards, only to trip over an SCP-4320 instance. Said rod was confirmed to be a SCP-4320 instance when a janitor attempted to remove it, only for it to repulse all his efforts with a circular saw, and thusly teleported out of their sight. This new entity were referred to as SCP-4320-2. The search to find SCP-4320-A and find ways to contain its instances are now being doubled as the item seems to be gaining or employing new forms to torment staff with.

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