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4334s Conference room

Item #: SCP-4334
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4334 is kept in an exact replica of the Conference room of ██████ Hotels in ██████, Norway. The reason for the wanted conference room is totally unknown to us because of the limited communication we have with it. There is one door leading out of the room which leads to a room with ten double beds for the entities to sleep in. The bedroom have three doors, one leading back to the conference room, one leading to a bathroom and one leading to the rest of the facility and is locked at all times. Only level 2 personnel and above have the authority to enter its containment ant to interact with it. Its confinement is located at site 42, sector 3.

When transporting SCP-4334 you should tell SCP-4334 that it is being transported to a speech (the type of speech doesn't matter to SCP-4334) and it will comply without resistance. When it is at the wanted location it will not care if it is a speech or not.

The furniture in the Conference room is to be replaced every second day if damaged or stained. This task is done by D-class personnel while a minimum of one level 2 guard waits at the main entrance to the confinement.

Description: SCP-4334 is a group of 20 humanoid entities and through careful examinations, we have discovered that all of these bodies belong to the same SCP. All of the bodies are humanoids with each a unique look and identity. The entities wear highly expensive suits at all times.

The identities for SCP-4334
Helena Stroganovv/SCP-4334-A
John Robinson/SCP-4334-B
Carl Rich/SCP-4334-C
Henry Brule Jules/SCP-4334-D
Greg Andersson/SCP-4334-E
Camilla Von Lloyd/SCP-4334-F
Theodora Wertz/SCP-4334-G
Donald Jones/SCP-4334-H
Sir Ronald Bach III/SCP-4334-I
Takahiko Azuma/SCP-4334-J
Amelia Loewe/SCP-4334-K
James Smith/SCP-4334-L
Benjamin Holzman/SCP-4334-M
Edvard Egede/SCP-4334-N
William Cornett/SCP-4334-O
Carla Poor/SCP-4334-P
Columbo Cadena Muñiz/SCP-4334-Q
Luigi Fanucci/SCP-4334-R
Sabine Konovalova/SCP-4334-S
Ängla Forsberg/SCP-4334-T

SCP-4334 is often seen around the table in its conference room arguing with its other identities about politics and somehow it knows all of the worlds latest news without ever getting hold of a newspaper nor other media. These meetings often end in the entities fighting each other due to their differing political perspectives, often involving gunfire. When an entity gets shot it "dies", but after ~12 hours the shot entity and its suit have fully regenerated. Personnel are unable to confiscate the weapons from SCP-4334 because they only appear during the fights.

SCP 4334s conference 20/07-199█ 12:02:

4334-B: I Think it is time to discuss what were are going to do about the recent murder of [Classified]
4334-O: I agree, I think we should try to cover it up and silence it as much as possible to avoid chaos and war!
4334-F: What? That is ridiculous! The public must be notified of it and it won’t cause chaos or war!
4334-N: How can you even consider releasing the information of [Classified]s death before catching the murderer? He OR she wants people to know about the murder and to be afraid! If we catch him/her and then tell the public there is no reason to be afraid!
4334-R: Shut up Edvard! Nobody cares about your opinion!
Know everybody is screaming at each other and some are even slapping each other.
4334-L: This has gone too far with your corn fields Donald! We can’t use him as a fertilizer!
4334-L then proceeds to pull out a gun and shoots 4334-H in the chest three times. 4334-H falls to the ground along with 4334-Q, who was standing right behind 4334-H. The remaining humanoids pull out their guns and a gunfight starts. It ends quickly with only 4334-A and 4334-I left alive
4334-A: I really hate you Ronal…
4334-I shoots 4334-A in the throat before it can finish its sentence. 4334-I then is terminated via being shot eleven times during the gunfight
The conference ends on 20/07-199█ 12:10.

Notes on the meeting by Dr. Loki Edwardsson: SCP-4334 appears to somehow know that [Classified] does even though the only ones in the world to know about his death is level 3 personnel and up. We have never seen this limited all-knowingness in another SCP. I will now continue my research on this strange phenomenon.

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