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4/4339 LEVEL 4/4339
Item #: SCP-4339





Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4339 is to be stored in a Class-9 maximum security small-item locker. Testing may not be conducted without the approval of two Level-4 personnel unanimous consent of the O5 Council. (See Addendum 4339-2)

Description: SCP-4339 is a ball-point pen with no visible manufacturer markings. It was discovered when Foundation agents were made aware of unusual police activity in the suburbs of Urbana, Illinois.

During a sweep of the neighborhood in question, agents detained and questioned a mentally ill resident named Ralph Womack (henceforth referred to as PoI-4339). When questioned about his activities, PoI-4339 claimed to be a "High Priest" who was "blessed with the pen of the Almighty". He admitted that he used SCP-4339 to cause his neighbors to be arrested in humiliating ways. When asked about its origins, PoI-4339 was unable to offer a coherent explanation. He was administered Class-C amnestics and turned over to a nearby psychiatric ward, where he has not displayed any notable behavior since.

Despite the unusual behavior of PoI-4339, laboratory testing has revealed no mind-altering or memetic effects resulting from exposure to SCP-4339.

SCP-4339 exhibits its anomalous effects when written with held. (See Experiment 4339-04) When the current possessor makes a statement about the world, the item causes a reality restructuring event to make it true. This does not affect physical properties.

Addendum 4339-1: Experiment Logs

Addendum 4339-2: Memorandum

Addendum 4339-3: Action Report

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