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Item #: SCP-4441

Object Class: Safe


SCP-4441 instances before containment, in ███████, Florida.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4441 instances (labeled SCP-4441-1 to SCP-4441-10) are to all be stacked atop of each other, in Sector Pi-33 of Storage Site-92. SCP-4441 instance containment is to be supervised by one level two clearance security guard, stationed outside of the storage closet of the items. [Edited: 10/██/20██] SCP-4441 instances are to be kept in their respective storage closet via a level three clearance keycard slot. Instances are to be monitored via CCTV camera angled to view the door of the closet, as well as SCP-4441 instances.

The closet mentioned above should be stripped of all movable objects, as to avoid any damages created by SCP-4441 instances (please read Addendum 4441-A for more information). If SCP-4441 instances cause any damage, a Class D person should be sent to repair said damages.

Description: All noted SCP-4441 instances are traffic cones with reflective tape wrapped around their upper-half. SCP-4441 instances' only anomalous property is their ability to move around without manual interaction. No explanation on this behavior can be given due to the limited knowledge and technology possessed by the Foundation. Upon moving, cameras observing SCP-4441 instances turn to static for approximately two seconds before returning to standard feed.

It has been noted that SCP-4441 instances seem to move objects when moving to their desired location(s) (please read Addendum 4441-A for more information). No average distance has been calculated, therefore further research is required.

Addendum 4441-A: SCP-4441 instances are being kept under strict supervision, and being tested on a bi-weekly basis. A compiled list of published testing records has been supplied below:

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