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Item #: SCP-4516

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All entrances to SCP-4516 have been permanently sealed with thaumaturgic warding. Personnel are to maintain these wards indefinitely.

Under no circumstances are personnel to enter SCP-4516 unless the majority of the O5 Council are in agreement.

All objects and entities previously extracted from SCP-4516 are to be kept in containment indefinitely. Research of Class-2 anomalous objects or lower is permitted with the written permission of the Site Director. Anomalous objects above Class-2 require written permission from the Regional Director.

Nonsapient biological entities are to be sterilized and maintained until their death, after which the body is to be incinerated after study. Sapients are to be naturalized in terrestrial law and relocated to various anomalous enclaves.

Description: SCP-4516 is a series of four gateways1 to an unknown location believed to be somewhere within the Milky Way galaxy. These Gateways are located in Iraq (SCP-4516-1,) North Korea (SCP-4516-2,) the Bahamas (SCP-4516-3,) and the United Kingdom (SCP-4516-4.)

Upon entering an instance of SCP-4516, the individual will experience symptoms typical of long distance Gateway travel, including nausea, dizziness, ringing in the ears, bleeding from gums, etc. The Exit Point is always the same regardless of instance entered. This appears to be a large forest filled with trees of an unknown species. Travel through the Gateway from the other side takes the individual to the original gateway from which they entered. Native entities are sent to a random destination unless they are in physical contact with one another. The exit point has been designated SCP-4516-A.

SCP-4516-A is the interior of a Dyson sphere, indicated by the binary stars in the middle of the sky, and the curved nature of the world, allowing one to view the perceived top of the sphere from the bottom. A gravitational anomaly pervades the entire structure, making objects behave as they would on Earth, negating the centrifugal forces. It is estimated that the Dyson Sphere has a roughly 16 light minute (287,800,000 Kilometer) diameter. The atmospheric composition of SCP-4516-A is similar to Earth, albeit with slightly higher levels of Neon and lower levels of Argon than baseline.

SCP-4516-A possesses a noticeably elevated thaumaturgical inclination than Earth, making spells and naturally occuring anomalous abilities much stronger in SCP-4516-D than on baseline Earth. The reverse is also true, as organisms and spells native to SCP-4516-D have less thaumaturgical prowess on Earth than they do in SCP-4516-A.

SCP-4516-A possesses an extremely extensive and varied biosphere, with an estimated 261 million indigenous species. An estimated 87% of all species display some sort of thaumaturgical ability, ranging from teleportation to chronological displacement. The remaining 13% of lifeforms that do not display thaumaturgical abilities are highly specialized lifeforms that are limited to specific environments, typically the deep ocean or highly isolated islands.

To date, the architects of SCP-4516-A are unknown. Numerous sapient species and a handful of deities2 have been discovered, although it is believed these are naturally evolved on SCP-4516-A, and not the builders of the structure.

Discovery: SCP-4516 was discovered after a group of large humanoid, mammalian beings appear spontaneously in the Bahamas on July 8, 1995. These entities measured seven meters in height, with dark green skin, a single eye, and were armed with crossbows and swords. These entities were intercepted by the Global Occult Coalition and destroyed before the Foundation was aware of the incident.

The event was classified as an Anomalous Incident until an identical event occurred on July 9, 2016 in North Korea. Foundation assets were alerted in time and containment is established with a single Foundation fatality. Upon interrogation, SCP-4516-B was discovered, in addition to SCP-4516-1, SCP-4516-3, and SCP-4516-4 based on Foundation records of similar incidents.

The entities, collectively classified as SCP-4516-1, were each individually interrogated, and revealed to be colonists from Torak, a citystate within SCP-4516, and were attempting to escape persecution for their religious beliefs. Contact with the entities's government was established and exploration of SCP-4516 began. The humanoids were naturalized in terrestrial law and relocated to various anomalous enclaves, including Three Portlands. The species numbers in 60,000 according the 2017 census.

Incident 4516-1: After █ years of negotiation with the Commonwealth of Torak, the state was overtaken by the nearby nation of Forathia due to a combination of border disputes, religious disagreements, and catalyzed by an assassination attempt on the Torakion queen's favorite concubine.

The nation of Forathia was much more hostile towards the Foundation than the original Torakian government. This is best shown through the infiltration of the Foundation by a Forathian agent whom is responsible for a containment breach on Site-16, resulting in the death of 892 Foundation personnel and 36 civilians. Following this, the Foundation was temporarily cut off from SCP-4516-1, isolating personnel on the interior from Earth.

After three months of no contact, the Gateways were reopened. Foundation assets previously trapped within SCP-4516-1 had apparently worked with Forathian rebels and overthrown their rule, reestablishing the nation of Torak. The nation of Forathia was destroyed in the conflict. Personnel involved were given the Foundation Gold Star for Valor. Exploration of SCP-4516-1 continues.

Incident 4516-2: Through exploration of SCP-4516-1, a citystate under the name of Mintarious is encountered. Measuring 18 kilometers wide, Mintarious is inhabited by a species of cat-like quadrupeds measuring two meters at the shoulder.

Upon contact, the inhabitants of the citystate had an abrupt socio-religious shift. Foundation personnel apparently resembled the inhabitant's version of angels, and thus believed the Foundation to be holy beings.

This quickly degraded however once the inhabitants realized that Foundation personnel bleed red blood, when their angels bleed purple when injured. This lead to a brief civil war before a massive assault against Foundation forces, the inhabitants believing them to be demons, and the apocalypse upon them.

65% of personnel did not survive. The remaining 35% were forced to retreat into Torak. A siege ensued, which negatively affected the relationship between the Foundation and Torak.

Incident 4516-3: Torak, after 19 months of siege, is finally overrun after a tunnel constructed by the Mintarians opens up near the center of the citystate. A mass slaughter ensues, resulting in nearly 100% casualties among Foundation and Torakian forces. The Gateway is sealed immediately. To date, there has been 17 incursions from the other side of SCP-4516, each of which has been successfully repelled.

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