SCP-4602 Extended Testing Log
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Extended Testing Log for SCP-4602. See the original documentation for more details.

Any researchers who test SCP-4602 are encouraged to append their experiments to this document.

Standard Format:

Customer: The personnel member making the 'purchase'.
Test Conditions: Any data relevant to the event. Typically includes any unusual conditions, and what either SCP-4602 stated or the Customer requested in regards to their fortunate event.
Item(s) Given: The item exchanged, an estimated value in USD if necessary, and any quirks with the exchange itself.
Associated Event: The fortunate (or unfortunate) event associated with the exchange.
Notes: The SCP-4602-1 instance/any other additional information.

Customer: Junior Researcher David Patel
Test Conditions: Dr. Patel had requested 'extra luck with the lottery'.
Item(s) Given: The $100 voucher from installing a computer.
Associated Event: Dr. Patel won a consolation prize of $50.
Notes: SCP-4602-1 was the originally given voucher, now stamped with the word "REDEEMED".

Customer: Junior Researcher Edward Ramirez.
Test Conditions: SCP-4602 was singing to Ramirez about potential good assignments for career advancement.
Item(s) Given: 1 Credit card (maxed out). When SCP-4602 absorbed the credit card, it was silent for several seconds, before emitting a high-pitched screech and ejecting the card at ███ mph.
Associated Event: The ejected card embedded itself in the middle of Ramirez's forehead. Ramirez would start to experience numerous unfortunate events, mostly resulting in mild injuries. Analysis of the attached card found that all debts related to the card had been paid. SCP-4602 responded to attempted deals by ejecting coins in a similar manner, usually bouncing off of the target's forehead and returning to SCP-4602. This continued until Ramirez compensated SCP-4602 for the payment.
Notes: The message 'PAY ME BACK' appeared in Dr. Ramirez' apartment. A depiction of SCP-4602, wearing an angry expression with its mouth open, was included. Each unfortunate event would cause the message to reappear, sometimes with exaggerated depictions of the event showing SCP-4602 as the direct instigator.

Customer: Security Agent James ██████, later revealed to be a double agent for █████████
Test Conditions: Agent ██████ approached SCP-4602, and requested that SCP-4602 assist him by allowing him to steal [REDACTED] and escape the facility undetected.
Item(s) Given: Numerous diamonds and assorted other gemstones, with an estimated value of $10,000
Associated Event: Agent ██████ successfully located and retrieved [REDACTED], and escaped to outside the walls of Site 57 without alerting security.
Notes: SCP-4602-1 instance manifested as a 1m x 1m sheet of cardboard, with an audio device shaped like SCP-4602 attached. The audio device began to play a recording of SCP-4602 loudly congratulating Agent ██████ for his successful theft. The SCP-4602-1 instance was also coated in an adhesive substance, which became glued to Agent ██████'s hand. SCP-4602-1 proceeded to play a 'congratulatory' rendition of Yakety Sax while Agent ██████ attempted to escape the pursuing Foundation security. Agent ██████ was promptly recaptured.
SCP-4602 seems to possess some level of loyalty to the Foundation, or at least a certain level of cunning to interpret the request in a manner that both allowed it to take Agent ██████'s jewels and avoid significant Foundation backlash. - Dr. Patel

Customer: Researcher James Kapoor
Test Conditions: SCP-4602 had requested the names of the O5 council. Dr. Kapoor denied, but questioned SCP-4602 further about its ability to trade in information. SCP-4602 offered to demonstrate.
Item(s) Given: The location of a Serpent's Hand gathering. Upon agreeing to this, a trail of green mist was sucked from Dr. Kapoor's mouth and into SCP-4602. Dr. Kapoor was unable to recall the given information after the 'exchange' was made.
Associated Event: Dr. Kapoor won a small raffle for a holiday cruise.
Notes: SCP-4602-1 instance depicted SCP-4602 in a hawaiian shirt.

Customer: Drs. Carlos and Arianna Mendez
Test Conditions: Customers had requested aid in finding Benjamin Mendez. Ben Mendez was three years old when he disappeared from the Mendez family residence. SCP-4602 showed significant apprehension towards undertaking the task.
Item(s) Given: The engagement and wedding rings of Carlos and Arianna Mendez, as well as $100,000 in cash.
Associated Event: After 47 hours and 59 minutes, an envelope appeared in front of both customers. The envelope contained an address near the Mendez family residence, and a series of directions. Following these directions lead to a small waterfall, where the bones of Benjamin Mendez were recovered.
Notes: The full donation was within the envelope, as well as the message "I'm sorry". No depiction of SCP-4602 was included.

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