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Photograph of SCP-4681 instances facing D-431771

Item #: SCP-4681

Object Class: Euclid (reclassification to Keter pending)

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation front company (Seth and Co Properties) has purchased the building in which SCP-4681 is contained in. Two teams of 8 security personnel are to be present outside SCP-4681-A at all times. Access to SCP-4681-A is prohibited to all personnel, regardless of clearance level. Testing of SCP-4681 is suspended indefinitely. Civilians who attempt to enter SCP-4681-A are to be deterred under the guise of asbestos gas. Attempts to move SCP-4681 are prohibited due to possible activation of SCP-4681-B.

A countermeme developed by the Memetics Department (CTR-443-D) is to be spread across the Foundation as soon as possible and is expected to reach all Foundation personnel two months after time of writing.

Description: SCP-4681 is a set of various mannequins and figurines located on the third floor office of the Stornoway Business Park Office Complex, Scotland (designated SCP-4681-A).

When an individual enters SCP-4681-A, SCP-4681's primary effect will take place. SCP-4681 instances will begin to animate and interact with the subject. SCP-4681 will treat the subject as if they had an ideal life, including field of employment, wealth, popularity and family. SCP-4681 will act similarly to characters found in comedic drama's or television sitcoms, with the subject usually being in the main cast.

If the subject is satisfied with their current circumstances, SCP-4681 will not speak to the subject. Instead, SCP-4681 will avoid the subject and only move when the subject approaches.

Once the subject leaves SCP-4681-A, SCP-4681 will cease to animate and any damage or changes made to the office, or SCP-4681, will be reverted.

Examination of SCP-4681-A shows that the office was previously used by a company known as 'Reid's Motor Rentals Ltd', established in the late 1980's and was a highly successful business in the UK region with a profit of roughly $9,000,000 in 2014. Information found from within SCP-4681-A reveals that the company had employed approximately 17 individuals to work in the Stornoway region, with all 17 individuals resigning in order to pursue higher level jobs and skills.

SCP-4681's secondary effect is a widespread memetic infection capable of spreading through unknown vectors (designated SCP-4681-B). SCP-4681-B alters the reactions by people, their mindset, personalities and intelligence of various individuals. SCP-4681-B causes affected individuals to favor a certain person, particularly those who regularly visit SCP-4681-A, and give said person knowledge, skills, and cause events where valuable items are transferred to the person (such as large sums of money). SCP-4681-B will also allow the person to achieve their aspirations (ideal employment, sport-related achievements, etc).

If several subjects using SCP-4681-B have the same aspirations, SCP-4681-B will either assign an equal position (such as several CEO positions, as seen in several technology companies) or will terminate other candidates through memetic means.

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