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This file is currently quarantined and in study by order of the Regional Council of Latin America. You are viewing a revised version, with sensitive and/or cognitohazardous data censored. You have access to all segments of this file with Level LA/4875/2 or lower requirement.

This quarantine is to continue indefinitely

You lost your childhood. What else is there to lose?

Item #: SCP-4875

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4875 is currently uncontainable. A Foundation-operated bot (ESTIBEN.aic) is to monitor internet traffic for references to SCP-4875, or media containing depictions and/or recordings of SCP-4875-1. ESTIBEN.aic is to then notify Mobile Task Force Ni-13 ("Triskaidekaphobia"), with the purpose of amnesticizing involved individuals and taking physical evidence to Facility-571 for study.

As of the events on 2016/9/13, should a subject affected by SCP-4875 be found, MTF Ni-13 is in charge of execution.


Description: SCP-4875 is an inactive compulsive effect residing within 13% of the population of Chile and adjacent countries. SCP-4875 is activated through strong feelings of nostalgia and melancholy, with higher possibility of activation if an object of similar significance to the affected subject is present.

Individuals affected by active SCP-4875 feel compelled to walk away from their position toward an indeterminate point. After a minumum of thirty minutes of travel, the subject spontaneously enters SCP-4875-1, still affected by SCP-4875. Should affected individuals be unable to move, they will enter SCP-4875-1 after ten minutes of immobility.

SCP-4875-1 is an extradimensional desert of indefinite size, unable to be communicated with from baseline reality. SCP-4875-1 has variable characteristics, with a number of worn-down metallic buildings often present. Individuals affected by SCP-4875 seem to disregard its anomalous properties, and are generally docile and unmotivated.

Between three minutes to two hours of travel within SCP-4875-1, all items present on the affected subject with return to their last location before entering SCP-4875-1, with the exception of their clothing. All subjects affected by SCP-4875 are irrecoverable.

SCP-4875-2 is a hostile entity residing within SCP-4875-1.


Addendum 1 - Discovery: SCP-4875 was discovered on 2011/08/31, following the disappearance of Argentinian high school student Luca █████████. A cellphone was recovered in his house, containing a 5 minute, 33 second long recording of the interior of SCP-4875-1, transcribed below.


[0:00]: (Camera focuses on a distant view of several metallic structures protruding from sand dunes. It blurs for moments, but manages to keep a stable recording.)

[0:15]: And… There. Veeery well. (The camera bobs up and down, likely due to the subject walking.)

[0:20]: Y'know? This reminds me of those times when I went with Valentín to school. There always was this wind, and a lot of dust between the school and us. It was fun. We talked lots and… (Ten second pause. Camera blurs, and remains unmoving until the subject speaks again.) What a pity he's not here anymore, right?

[0:44]: (Camera zooms in the metallic structures for a few seconds. When moving away, an additional number of metallic towers are present at the sides. They have a number of inscriptions and symbols engraved. A few of the nearby towers seem to read "Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet.")

[0:59]: This collar I have, this… (Camera turns around to show the chest of the subject, from which a collar with a cross hangs. Notably, the left arm of the cross is broken.) This was his.

[1:13]: (The wind intensifies, dragging great quantities of sand.) Now is when the van would come, the yellow Vitara. (Subject stops. He holds the collar with his right hand in front of the camera.) The cross is broken because of the impact. It crashed hard, and he got to be the cheese in the sandwich… Heh…

[1:51]: (Subject is close to a previously unseen metal cabin, supported around five meters above ground by metal pillars. The pillars are encircled by stairs, ending at the door of the cabin.)

[2:17]: (Subject ascends through the stairs, and the wind eases. Through the ascension, a number of similar structures can be seen in the distance. When the camera focuses again on the cabin, a sheet of metal can be seen detaching from it and being carried away by the wind. The subject observes the cabin for around a minute.)

[3:39]: Solemnity… (Subject hangs the collar from a doorknob in the cabin's door. The wind drags it slightly, but it stays in place. The camera abruptly descends, and turns around to observe the dunes.) This place is nice. I see myself living here, between sand and metal. Between ground and sword.

[4:12]: (Camera moves slightly, and a metal tower can be seen from afar. It is wider than the others, and has a rusted appearance. The top shines intensely.)

[4:37]: (Subject throws himself from the stairs to the ground, and rolls for a few seconds. After getting up, the subject begins walking towards the shining structure.) Gravedigger, gravedigger, release him from this earth… Can I stay here for him?

[4:50]: (Subject continues walking until recording ends.)


Addendum 2 - Incidents:

Childhood is the greatest gift. Taking it away from a child is crime.
I'll give them their childhood back. I'll allow them to live.

Addendum 3 - Recovered Recording:

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