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Item #: SCP-4890

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4890 is to be kept within Storage Locker-23 at Site-13. Testing is to be performed in Testing Chamber 17 under the approval of Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-4890 is a hardcover children's pop-up book titled "Dr. Wondertainment's Guide to History" with a stylized W at the center of the cover. On the back of the cover of the book, there is a small pocket holding SCP-4890-1. SCP-4890-1 is a 0.147 meters tall origami depicting an individual with a purple suit, bow tie, and hat along with a cane. On the torso piece, is a small stylized W.

SCP-4890's anomalous properties occur when the object is opened by a sapient being indoors. The room that SCP-4890 is opened in will morph to a seemingly infinite purple space. An invisible barrier matching the measurements of the room originally will prevent any exploration, and a door will be present to allow exit or entry into the altered environment. As this occurs, SCP-4890-1 will activate by being shrouded in a large puff of smoke instantaneously to become 1.4 meters tall and animate.

SCP-4890-1 is sapient and capable of vocalization in English. It speaks in a mostly enthusiastic tone and identifies itself as "Dr. Papertainment" to personnel. SCP-4890-1 possesses control of the infinite space by altering the surrounding space to appear as historic periods or events and acts as a guide in regards to what is presented. Although, sometimes details mentioned by SCP-4890-1 can be inaccurate, ridiculous, or lack any evidence of ever occurring. Individuals present may make requests to SCP-4890-1 to view a specific time period or it will automatically select one. See Addendum 01 and Addendum 02.

As the environment alters, the pages of SCP-4890 will flip to reveal a page displaying an image corresponding to the forming surroundings. It also unknown how many pages SCP-4890 contains and efforts at determining it has been inconclusive.

SCP-4890 was found on 7/14/2009 at a library located in Lincoln, Nebraska by Foundation agents during an unrelated investigation.

Addendum 01: The following transcript was of Dr. Galesburg interacting with SCP-4000-1 within Testing Chamber 12 during earlier testing.

Addendum 02: Test Logs

Subject: Assassination of Julius Caesar

Result: SCP-4890-1 claimed and visually displayed that Julius Caesar was not assassinated and established several businesses. Businesses include Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, and the pizza chain Little Caesars.

Subject: The Hindenburg Disaster

Result: Details are accurate except SCP-4890-1 claimed the death toll was 57 individuals instead of 36 fatalities as documented. It states the additional casualties were clowns that hid aboard at an attempt to travel for free.

Subject: The Moon Landing

Result: SCP-4890-1 discusses conspiracy theories as it goes off tangent as it is stating facts. SCP-4890-1 also makes several remarks of the Foundation's involvement and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Subject: The Battle of Stalingrad

Result: SCP-4890-1 presented accurate details until stating the use of anomalous weaponry by both Germany and the Soviet Union. Types of weaponry stated are:

SCP-4890-1 failed to provide further details.

Subject: The Construction of the Pyramids of Giza

Results: SCP-4890-1 lists a variety of methods of stone masonry and the use of large genetically modified humans by the Egyptians. SCP-4890-1 concluded with "Better than saying it was aliens, right?"

Subject: The Destruction of the Library of Alexandria

Result: The cause of the fire that burned down the library was claimed to be caused by a member of the Serpent's Hand that was smoking in the library.

Subject: The Creation of the Universe

Results: Instead of discussing the creation of the Universe at first, SCP-4890-1 attempted to persuade researchers into buying an instance of SCP-1696 for a "Hands on experience in creating many Universes!" After personnel decline the offer, SCP-4890-1 expressed disappointment and proceeded to alter the environment as an empty void while saying "Maybe I'll convince you after this." SCP-4890-1 then explained the Big Bang Theory and the environment became intensely bright for a few seconds. Afterwards, small lights where visible that SCP-4890-1 stated to be the first stars and thereafter distant galaxies became visible.

SCP-4890-1 then ask again to personnel whom were in awe if they were sure they did not want to purchase an instance of SCP-1696. Accepting the offer lead to SCP-4890-1 to offer a small slip of paper with information of a now defunct website owned by Dr. Wondertainment and a discount code for space themed products.

Subject: The Creation of SCP-4890-1

Result: SCP-4890-1 expressed that it was flattered but declined for it described its creation as uninteresting, and that it is also against policy.

Subject: The Boston Tea Party

Results: SCP-4890-1 described the event as a literal tea party, and that the colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor so a whale that was present could drink tea.

Addendum 03: Level 4 clearance required

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