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Item #: SCP-4931 Threat Level:
Object Class: Neutralized Green


Aftermath of Incident 4931-LIBER.

Special Containment Procedures (Revised 12/23/2017): The land formerly occupied by SCP-4931 is under surveillance, though deemed low-risk for future anomalous activity. The property will be put up for sale with permission from Director ██████ in accordance with Protocol 2112.1

All personnel involved with Incident 4931-LIBER have been disciplined/amnesticized/reassigned or are scheduled to be pending further inquiries into the incident.

Description: SCP-4931 was destroyed during Incident 4931-LIBER (see Incident Report below). It has been reclassified as Neutralized. Former description documentation below.

[Archived 12/24/2017] SCP-4931 is, as far as can be proven with current methods, an exact replica of the Library of Alexandria. The original Library was a large complex of Hellenistic scholars that was destroyed around 48 BCE in a fire started by Julius Caesar,3 resulting in a massive loss of ancient works and public knowledge from the era.

SCP-4931 manifested in San Joaquin Valley in late 2015, and was located by Foundation field agents after an intercepted telephone call reported its appearance. After a secure provisional site was declared, Dr. Haight4 was brought in from Site-██ to analyze the structure. His initial report may be viewed below:

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