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2/4936 LEVEL 2/4936



Item #: SCP-4936

Object Class: Keter


SCP-4936 manifestation as it prepares to leave its former partner Subject-4936-E.

Special Containment Procedures: Any form of media that records a manifestation of SCP-4936 is to be confiscated for analysis. All non-partner witnesses are to be amnesticized. SCP-4936 partnered subjects are monitored for further developments into their condition.

Description: SCP-4936 is a humanoid resembling a young adult female. All SCP-4936 manifestations have different physical appearances. Information regarding its nature and objectives are limited because of the manner by which it completes its task.

SCP-4936 will approach its target in public and invite it to be its partner, wherein the subject will express little to no resistance to the offer. SCP-4936 will then guide the subject to a furnished housing unit. Investigations reveal that these places were recorded as unoccupied for the duration of SCP-4936’s stay.

For twenty-eight (28) days they will cohabit with daily schedules including partnered recreational activities and brief tourist excursions. Although SCP-4936 never initiates sexual intercourse, it has been noted to never reject SCP-4936-1’s advances.

During the last two days of their stay, SCP-4936 will seek more attention from the subject. SCP-4936 will abandon the subject on the last evening, consistently voicing the phrase “Please live” before leaving. The subject will then be compelled to return to the location where they first met and regain autonomy. All previous subjects are known to make major lifestyle changes shortly afterwards.

Subject ages range from their early twenties to early forties and are often:

  • living alone
  • apathetic to their fellow humans
  • highly materialistic in nature
  • single and is uninterested in long term commitments
  • disconnected with their personal community such as families and friends
  • or exhibits other anti-social traits that render their lifestyle unattractive by the standards of their respective society.

May 16, 2010 lunar event as photographed by Subject-4936-A.

Discovery: On March 22, 2015, Researcher ███ encountered [REDACTED], hereby Subject-4936-A, as the operator of a small restaurant while on vacation in [REDACTED]. Subject-4936-A was the sole heir to [REDACTED] and was featured in local business publications for his decision to abstain from taking over his family's business.

Interviews revealed that Subject-4936-A met SCP-4936 during a lunar event on May 16, 20101. His announcement and subsequent withdrawal from the public was a month after he uploaded his photograph of the lunar event. Researcher ███ returned to work early to report her findings and was given permission to conduct research into possible similar incidents.

Studies onto similar missing-persons reports showed similar nonsimultaneous occurrences since 2010. Foundation personnel recovered all media recordings of related occurrences and registered the entity as Keter SCP-4936 on July 28, 2015. Researcher ███ filed for retirement and asked to be amnesticized on the same day.

Addendum-4396-1: The following is a list of some high-profile SCP-4936 subjects whose lifestyle changes required direct Foundation intervention to maintain information security.

Subject Designation Subject Notes
Subject-4936-A Former sole heir to [REDACTED], a large family-owned conglomerate. Now operates a small personal restaurant. Married Researcher ███ afterwards2.
Subject-4936-C Famous stand-up comedian who stopped performing in [REDACTED]. Successfully returned to career two years later.
Subject-4936-D Unseated dictator of [REDACTED] who survived an assassination attempt. Encountered SCP-4936 while hiding from pursuers. Regained political control and transitioned local government into a Democracy.
Subject-4936-E Retired conflict zone photographer. Transitioned to philanthropic activities, later founding [REDACTED].
Subject-4936-H Former "Hikikomori3" turned celebrated Calligraphy artist.
Subject-4936-J Rogue MI-6 Agent who falsified his death to retire. Returned to active field duty with revised methodologies.
Subject-4936-K Former Foundation Administrative staff, with [REDACTED] over [REDACTED]. Suspended for reckless actions while [REDACTED] resulting in multiple breaches and collateral damage. Formerly designated MIA after suspension has been lifted, but was later found self-amnesticized and living normally.

All other identified SCP-4936 subjects had no prominent backgrounds before and after encountering SCP-4936.

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