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Photograph depicting SCP-4981-A & SCP-4981-B at their wedding, dated 1999/03/13.

Item #: SCP-4981

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Xi-76 ("Mother Mara") guard the building that both SCP-4981-A and SCP-4981-B were last housed in.

Description: SCP-4981-A is the preserved corpse of Jana Kovalev. SCP-4981-B is Nestor Kovalev, a former chemist and husband of the deceased. Both are situated in their one-bedroom rental apartment in Astrakhan, Russia.

SCP-4981-A is anomalously resistant to decomposition and remains in exceptional condition. SCP-4981's preservation is due in part to its low internal temperature (consistently measuring 50°C less than room temperature) and an unknown, semi-viscous blue fluid (designated SCP-4981-A-ŽIVA) originating from its thalamus. SCP-4981-A-ŽIVA possesses trace amounts of liquid nitrogen and fentanyl. Occasionally, it manifests in damaged walls of nearby rooms.

SCP-4981-B is unable to see or touch SCP-4981-A and can freely move through any space occupied by SCP-4981-A. In the event that SCP-4981-B exits through a door or window in its domicile, it will dematerialize and re-manifest adjacent to SCP-4981-A. SCP-4981-B refuses to acknowledge its anomalous properties.

Addenda.4981.1 - Compiled Report Pertaining to Initial Discovery:

Lieutenant Bogdanov of MTF Xi-76 compiled the following from various case files and reports surrounding the anomaly for the purpose of brevity.


SCP-4981-B's residence indicated by the red circle.

Flagged Eviction Notice

On August 25, 2011, web crawlers flagged a 60-Day notice to vacate form filed at the behest of the landlord of Pleasant Apartments Rentals, which cited icicles forming on the ceiling of a room below SCP-4981-B's apartment. A previously unknown blue viscous substance, later identified as SCP-4981-A-ŽIVA, was detected from the melted remains.

A field agent confronted the landlord under the false pretense of repairing a broken water pipe, which the landlord had believed to be the cause of leak and ceiling damage. The audio log is transcribed below:

Medical Audit

An audit into SCP-4981-A's medical history was performed. Only one outpatient email was found in Astrakhan Centre for Cardiovascular Surgery, which matched a shredded print-out found underneath SCP-4981-A's bed.

Addenda.4981.2 - Therapy Session:

After biohazard staff cleaned the apartment room, Chief Clinical Psychologist Yan Kazansky was assigned as SCP-4981-B's primary therapist. Biweekly sessions were scheduled. Yan Kazansky was instructed to build a rapport with SCP-4981-B. Several weeks after initial containment, SCP-4981-B had begun to speak more candidly to Dr. Kazansky.

The following is a transcript taken from the session:

Addenda.4981.3 - Incident

On November 09, 2011, a massive fire burned down a significant portion of Pleasant Apartments Rentals, originating from SCP-4981-B's rental apartment. Responding firefighters discovered burnt curtains next to an ashtray with semi-lit left-over cigarette butts. Foundation personnel, who had already evacuated the building, recorded live transmissions from CCTV cameras situated in SCP-4981-A's bedrooms before the cameras became nonresponsive.

The footage depicted SCP-4981-B talking to himself. Certain audio segments were unsalvageable.

Post-Incident Excerpt

At 01:25:59 UTC, personnel recovered a severely damaged SCP-4981-A. Only regions above its neckbone were salvaged.

At 01:40:13 UTC, personnel removed concrete rubble covering SCP-4981-B. When most of SCP-4981-B's body was free from surrounding detritus, SCP-4981-B stood up. His facial musculature and skull were exposed. Half of his body was fused with bronze rebar.

SCP-4981-B walked to the fringes of the building complex; viscera and flesh loosely dangling, then departing, from his person. He dematerialized when he stepped outside of the debris and did not reappear near SCP-4981-A. SCP-4981-A has seemingly lost its anomalous properties and decomposes normally; notably, all samples of SCP-4981-A-ŽIVA have since dematerialized.

~ Kazansky

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