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Artistic representation of entities sharing common attributes with SCP-4983 (circa 1718).

Item-#: SCP-4983

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: POI-4983 is contained in a standard humanoid cell. Aetheric neuroinhibitors, programmed with subroutine Counter-Kuchiyose, are on standby to influence SCP-4983's temperament towards POI-4983. Foundation web crawlers are to monitor and censor unsanctioned resurrection services.

Description: SCP-4983 is a Class-3 spectral apparition manifesting in the form of an eyeball within the rectal cavity of Matoki Negishi (POI-4983). SCP-4983 possesses an exceptional degree of control over the lower abdomen of POI-4983, though the latter retains control of all other bodily functions.

PoI-4983's rectal cavity has been found to be notably elastic; it is unknown if this is caused by SCP-4983's presence. Despite occupying space and being situated inside POI-4983, SCP-4983's presence does not impede the subject's ability to defecate.

PoI-4983 is a self-described hikikomori, or 'modern-day hermit'. The subject's self reclusion from society began after its father's death. This contrasts with SCP-4983's personality as a self-described exhibitionist in life, and as such, SCP-4983 frequently solicits or coerces POI-4983 into deliberate acts of indecent exposure between the hours of 2100 to 0400.

SCP-4983 has been known to cause common and anomalous phenomena;

  • burning or itching during urination;
  • abdominal and lower back pain;
  • illumination of the anal cavity of >800 lumens;
  • swelling or inflammation within musculature or organs in the pelvis;1
  • prolapse of the internal flesh walls (see Addendum.4983.2).

Though SCP-4983 possesses the ability to replicate and produce large quantities of tissue which may be expelled from the anus at-will — it is unclear how SCP-4983 is capable of doing so.



DATE: 2012/03/02
ACTIVITY: Apartment camera depicts stacks of black bags and cardboard which obfuscate entryways and windows. At the center of the room, there is a miniature shelf draped in a red satin table-cloth, with a portrait of POI-4983's father standing on the surface. POI-4983 is sat with its legs crossed, hands folded, and head tucked towards its shirt. A hexagonal pattern drawn in chalk surrounds POI-4983; thaum-kanji symbols are inscribed onto the floor. POI-4983 remains in this position for three hours before it rises; it screams and punches drywall. POI-4983 rests on its futon.

DATE: 2012/03/03
ACTIVITY: POI-4983 twists and turns in its sleep. A light is observed emanating from its buttocks, which refracts on the camera's lens. The light progressively illuminates the room until visual contact with PoI-4983 is lost.

DATE: 2012/03/03
ACTIVITY: POI-4983 sits erect; its futon covered in sweat stains. It stretches and immediately pauses as light brightens from its buttocks. POI-4983 holds onto its stomach and grimaces in shock as it falls down. Horrified, it shrieks. It begins to nod incessantly, sobbing, with its hands folded.

DATE: 2012/03/06
ACTIVITY: A 12cm stack of letters, mostly college loan payments, lie on the floor. PoI-4983 fidgets and shakes its head. Light glows from its buttocks. POI-4983 runs into the bathroom and slams the door. It remains there for 30 minutes before opening the door and crawling into the living room. It lays down and begins sifting through the letters.



RECORDED BY: Security camera.
DATE: 2012/03/11
ACTIVITY: At 0145, POI-4983 reveals its bare bottom to patrons of a local bar. POI-4983 sobs as it flexes its cheeks.

RECORDED BY: Witness from afar w/ cellphone.
DATE: 2012/03/13
ACTIVITY: At 2130, POI-4983 left its apartment in a brown trenchcoat. Upon stumbling into a drunk salaryman near an alleyway, POI-4983 paused and turned around; its back facing the salaryman. It began grimacing and clutching its abdomen. POI-4983 subsequently bent over, pulled up its knee-length undercover, and exposed itself. SCP-4983 manipulated the anal cavity to roughly resemble an "eye", which flashed periodically. The salaryman is enraged, grabs POI-4983 by the leg, pulls it off-balance, climbs on top of it, and smacks it in the face. SCP-4983 expands into an engorged red mass (1.5m in length) with eight arms radially expanding from the mid-section. Horrified, the salaryman fled. Afterward, POI-4983 hopped and limped back away from the alleyway with an abnormal gait.

RECORDED BY: Cellphone of the cashier.
DATE: 2012/03/16
ACTIVITY: At 0320, POI-4983 went into a convenience store, bought twenty ramen noodle packages, and went to the cashier's aisle. 30 minutes went by with POI-4983 fidgeting nervously as the cashier kept prompting POI-4983 on payment methods. Suddenly, POI-4983 gaped its mouth open as SCP-4983 (in the form of a vestigial arm) outstretched from the hindquarters and unzipped POI-4983's pants. SCP-4983 proceeded to lift a brown wallet from the left pocket and produced POI-4983's credit card towards the cashier. The cashier shrugged, commented on "elaborate pranks", and accepted POI-4983's purchase of twenty ramen noodles. POI-4983 stated "thank you" and ran out of the two-door automatic entrance with his grocery bags; SCP-4983 deflates and POI-4983 collapsed onto the floor, drooling.

RECORDED BY: Cellphone of the cashier.
DATE: 2012/03/17
ACTIVITY: At 0320, POI-4983 went into the previous convenience store; it was bare-naked and kneeled backward, with its back facing the floor and its stomach facing the ceiling. Upon entering, SCP-4983 grew a torso, head, and a set of arms. Pulsating-red hands pushed a grocery cart through aisles and swiped packages of ramen, bento boxes, soymilk, eggs, and dried fish. As the cashier fled through the entrance, SCP-4983 pantomimed directions as POI-4983 ran backward with its legs — clumsily, colliding into several walls — whilst it attempted to hug and grip stolen foodstuffs.



On the date of 2012/03/18, camera footage of POI-4983 surfaced on Japanese media platforms, which depicted potential anomalous activity. The footage depicted a brick-red apartment complex at night with POI-4983, who was half-naked and hysterical at the time, gripping at the exterior window sill of its 6th-floor room with its right arm. SCP-4983 began rapidly flashing beams of light at ~1200 lumens through POI-4983's briefs, which amused witnesses who had assembled nearby.

After rescue teams had safely caught POI-4983 from its fall with a life net, POI-4983 was relinquished to Agent Izamaki's custody. The following advertisement was found on the subject's laptop.

The following transcript is translated by a linguist fluent in Japanese and English.



[ POI-4983 pushes its seat outward, flipping into a handstand. ]

[ POI-4983 "sits down" on its head, neck slightly cracking. Buttocks faces Imazaki. SCP-4983-A expands: it bursts from POI-4983's pants until it superficially resembles the shape of a humanoid. ]

Imazaki: Holy crap.

SCP-4983: Afraid my son cannot speak at this moment. Apologies, kind sir.

POI-4983: He's crazy! He's been holding me hostage for years.

Imazaki: Mhm. The report says it's only been 15 days. Negishi — may I call you that — Negishi, can you kindly explain, this?

POI-4983: Pro— Prostatectomy.

SCP-4983 & Imazaki: What?

POI-4983: Removal of the prostate. Surgically. Tell me, for the love of god, you can get me a prostatectomy.

Imazaki: So, we're a police station—

SCP-4983: —stupid, don't waste your better's time with such nonsense. Apologies, for my son's brazen stupidity.

POI-4983: I program for a living!

SCP-4983: God, your mother coddled you. You watched hentai and play Steam games for a living. Even nudists have more restraint with their—

Imazaki: Timeout. [ motions a T-symbol with hands ] That's better. Alright, first question — how did you turn into this?

SCP-4983: The damned Itako. Spiritual mediums, they called themselves. They did this to me.

POI-4983: Did this to us! Annoying, pain in the ass.

[ SCP-4983 increases in mass with the weight amassing onto POI-4983's neck. ]

SCP-4983: Promising I could be "sent" into the future. Bah! What a Ponzi scheme. Look. Going to level with you, I had some serious medical issues.

Imazaki: Then what?

SCP-4983: I ran out of options. Went to them. They claimed to be learned in the ways of immortality, or wait, was it that they were the practitioners of the ways of immortality? Whatever. They explained that one-half of apotheosis is the ritual. The other half is binding. The mediums only did that part, they put me into, and I'm using their words here, a time capsule of sorts. Like a firefly in a "jar". Except for the jar being our shared bloodline.

Imazaki: The exact entry process is a tad bit confusing. More used to… conventional phantasms, hauntings, and blood sacrifices, you know?

POI-4983: I. Wow. What type of police station processes hauntings.

SCP-4983: Shut-it you — wait. Actually, I do believe you're right, son. For once.

POI-4983: Nothing, and I mean, nothing that I've done qualifies as that.

Imazaki: What's keeping you here then — Senior Negishi?

SCP-4983: I'm too damned stubborn. Much as I hate him, I love him.

POI-4983: Then why do you force me to streak at night.

SCP-4983: Man-up boy! My father slapped me across the cheek with his ring-hand when I got uppity. And every day he would do it. Happens when your storefront's in the scummiest regions of Akibara. We would be frequently visited by the Yakuza, and if we didn't pay [ articulates ring-finger and aligns to temple ] That would be that. Nowadays, the Yakuza's been reformed, kids drive in electric cars, everyone's on their cellphones, and no one. No one prays or gives oranges to us dead. No one has time.

Izamaki: Well, he did still resurrect you.

SCP-4983: He botched it and now I live in his prostate.

[ POI-4983 grimaces, attempting to adjust his neck. ]

POI-4983: Yubari King Melons cost 24429 yen.

SCP-4983: Absolutely. But no one told you you could just use regular watermelon seeds for the Penance Spitting ritual. Now I'm trapped here!

Izamaki: Is, that so bad? You saw the altar. Your photo in the center of the room.

[ Silence. ]

POI-4983: Never got to say goodbye. I missed you. You and mom.

SCP-4983: [ creases wrinkle lines on flesh to form a smile ] Idiot.

POI-4983: Hardass.

[ Silence. ]

SCP-4983: Thank you. Matoki.


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