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Item #: SCP-4983

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4983-1 is to be kept within Storage Room 5B at site-64. All personnel must be aware of its existence and protocols in case it becomes its active state . SCP-4983’s effects can be undone by writing down or creating an artistic depiction of the thoughts caused by it. Personnel affected by SCP-4983 are to be left alone in a secluded room with standard writing and drawing utilities and designated SCP-4983-2 until the subject has finished. After completion of an instance of SCP-4983-3, it must be taken and studied by by a trained professional in either the language, or artistic field of science. All instances of SCP-4983-3 are to be documented and accompanied by a researcher’s notes concerning the writing/artwork. The anomaly seems to ‘prefer’ people with writing and/or artistic interest but cases of individuals with no such interests or talents being affected have been recorded.

Description: SCP-4983-1 is a Cligraph NO. 1 typewriter dating back to 1881. In an active state it will begin typing on its own and causes nearby humans to experience sudden dark, depressing thoughts, often involving them and/or their loved ones coming to harm. The text typed by the object matches the basic concept of the affected subject’s thoughts. These thoughts completely occupy the mind of the person, causing them to become unable to focus on other subjects until they have written their thoughts down into a story format, or made an artistic depiction of them. After this, the subject is cleared of the anomalous effects and generally feel relieved claiming “It got a lot of weight off their shoulders.” SCP-4983-3 are the works created by instances of SCP-4983-2, these are extremely detailed and make the reader or viewer feel a strong sense of unease, yet subjects exposed to them claim it to be quite beautiful nonetheless.
Recovery: SCP-4983 was discovered at the school of █████████ in the Dutch city of Doetinchem after reports of a strange melancholic aura suddenly looming over the building. One 15 year old student was affected by the object on a regular basis and produced several instances of SCP-4983-3. An interview with the student has been conducted, transcript has been documented. The object was found in an attic section of the building. The object itself dates back to the age in which the main building was constructed, yet the origin of the object is unknown.

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