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Item #: SCP-4984

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4984 is to be monitored via satellite imagery. Currently all flight paths should be monitored and be redirected. All photos taken of the earth should censored the north poles and other old photos of the earth should be destroyed or to be censored as well for viewing .Currently there should be no more expeditions to go in SCP-4984 due to not knowing the phenomenons SCP-4984 could occur. SCP-4984-1 should be also monitored by MTF helicopters 24 hours long. So far no researching into SCP-4984-1 is as of yet known.

Description: SCP-4984 is what appears to be a hole located at the north pole of the earth with a size of 145 miles across. Using lasers sensors it appears that the hole goes as far as going to the center of the planet. SCP-4984 effect activates when the whole planet gets hotter due to the greenhouse effect, when it does it sends a some sort of signal out to in space. After decoding the signal it appears its a distress signal. If the signal ever hits a earth like planet, Its possible they would want to investigate the signal and send satellites to visit were it came from. researchers that are investigating SCP-4984 are worried that the the extraterrestrial are hostile.So far SCP-4984 has not send a signal since the year 1997. So far it's unknown if there is any civilization living inside SCP-4984 but due to the notes founded there might be a civilization living in the hole. SCP-4984 was founded by Richard E. Byrd, a American naval officer in 2/19/1947. Richard wrote what he saw in a journal that was soon recovered in 6/15/1983 that also showed SCP-4984-1. SCP-4984-1 is a pyramid shaped rock located near SCP-4984. The structure appears to be the same size of the pyramid of giza located at Egypt. SCP-4984-1 is as of yet unknown if its connected to SCP-4984.

So far researching into SCP-4984 and SCP-4984-1 as of yet going.

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