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SCP-4996 in its natural habitat prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-4996

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Protocols: Residential areas in La Paz County, Arizona are to be monitored by widespread CCTV networks. Local law enforcement in conjunction with embedded field agents is to detect and report any sightings of mass-meditation. Southeast Asian historians and anthropologists are to be consulted in order to locate SCP-4996-1 written material, ranging from graffiti to advertisements.

SCP-4996 is to be contained in a botanical enclosure disguised as a warehouse. Onsite staff are to be provided noise-canceling headphones. Exposure to SCP-4996's anomalous properties is to be counteracted with suitable amnestics and linguistic training programs to gradually re-orientate affected individuals to their native language.

Description: SCP-4996 is a Juniperus osteosperma1 which exerts memetic vocalizations in Baic2. Apart from this, the tree is non-sentient and possesses no further anomalous characteristics.

SCP-4996 was discovered near a household in La Paz County, Arizona, fashioned as a tree-house. Field operatives alerted the Foundation to the anomaly's existence after following civilian testimony on "foreign whispers and mantras" resonating from the area. Though witnesses did not understand the phonemes associated from SCP-4996's vocalizations, they understood connotations and visualizations from the dialogues espoused, of which discussed the symbiosis of parasites and trees.

Affected SCP-4996 designates (categorized as SCP-4996-1) possess an eidetic knowledge of the Discourse on Marks3. Images consistent with Daevite iconography are gathered via audio accounts and written archives collected from SCP-4996-1 individuals. Gradually, these individuals become incapable of communicating outside of reciprocating a low-frequency humming noise4.

SCP-4996-1 individual's biology is subject to metamorphosis during meditation. The process starts when a 2cm orifice manifests from an individual's forehead. After which, blood and sinew are expelled from the new organ until the individual inverts entirely into a spiral mass ~8m in length, designated SCP-4996-2. Emitted frequencies derived from an SCP-4996-2 instance match that of SCP-4996.

Below are translated entries utilizing standard Daevite TGP5 made by Stephen Milton while in a late-stage transformation period.

Excerpt from journal describing the nature of SCP-4996 phenomenon.

Wheels are spinning in places unbound,
deep below the centripetal path was found.
The melodic symbol sings outside of time,
a cyclopean thing, blessed paradigm.

Thoughts on common meditation practices.

… guided meditation practices are subject to scrutiny should they follow an improper voice. There's only so much that Youtube and applications like Headspace or what-have-you can provide without truly providing further insight into the physique. One parable that I and Dixxy ran into was in the book Cessations of Samsara6 which really got into the story of the flukeworm and the sardine. See, fish are smooth and are always flexible. Ever catch one and it leaps outta your hand?

That's the Gautama's way. For telling us mortal folk to find new ways to think about life instead'a just going through life. When you open up a sardine, what do you see? Bones, guts, and of course, those weird tangled innards that look like intestinal flukes. I ask you, Children of the Twisted Bark, meditate on this one. For what if they were one in the same? What if the sacred symbol of Tranquility was but many, many flukes… Perhaps, in a grander design, we too inhabit but a piece of the greater Sūtra. Like a voice, like a chant, never quite dying.

Audio of sermon performed by Stephen Milton

Everyday we flee farther from the Great Wheel in the sky. How many of our family still meditate under a Bodhi tree instead of dabbling and fiddling with their electronic devices! When have we, as parents, not taken a break from work, sat down with them and read out loud the Liberating Insights to them. So that they may know about the number four. That suffering is caused by desire. That the need for identity causes more suffering. That the fear of being left behind and ground into the dust is what holds us back.

I ask you, my flock, to hold hands and stringify our new selves to be weaved, braided, knotted, and curled unto the image of Nirvana. So that we can follow in his chant. So that we may be unbound like our ancestors woven in words…

PET7 scans and dissection reveal these entities accumulate high levels of serotonin over the extensive layers of flesh they form, which, by this point, acts as a complex limbic system. This biological influence raises SCP-4996-2 to a state of high confidence. In an elevated state, SCP-4996-2 instances arbitrarily conform to vertically affixed platforms. They will attempt to imitate a replica of SCP-4996 only to fail upon attempting to create SCP-4996's branches. Afterward, their flaccid, gelatinous bodies squirm in what can be described as "displeasure" by lead parasitologists. Subsequent reattempts are met with similar results.

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